Carry cot


Stokke® Crusi™
Carry Cot

Stokke® Crusi™ Carry Cot is easy to detach and carry away. 


  • Roomy extra long 80 cm
    (Inside cot: L: 79,5 cm, W: 33 cm, H: 18 cm)
  • Air ventilated base means less risk of moisture
    at the bottom of Carry Cot. 
  • Built in cot ventilation.
  • Firm mattress support.
  • Finely tailored premium textiles.
  • Hard shell covered with a textile surface.
  • Very protective for the child. 
  • Padding in all the right places.
  • Folds flat for easy storage.
  • Suitable from birth to approx. 6 months.
Please note:

The Stokke® Crusi™ Carry Cot will not fit a Stokke® Xplory® Chassis. The Stokke® Crusi™ Carry Cot is not available for sale in Canada.


Multi functional hood
Carrying handles: Sturdy carry handles give a safe solution when carrying the cot.(Pocket to store carry handles).
Visor for extra protection from wind and light.
Visor can either be folded back or removed by unzipping it from the hood.
Water repellant canopy.
Optional opening for ventilation through 30% of the hood to prevent your child overheating.
Opening protected by mosquito net.
Soft inside lining.
Sense of security combined with a luxe cushioned interior comfort for baby.
Ultimate in seat ergonomics for baby.
Adjustable footrest.
Highest quality textiles.
Large roomy cargo basket.
Height adjustable handle.
Ease of use from seat positions to folding.

Carry Cot Accessories


Stokke® Crusi Fitted Sheet
for Carry Cot, 2-pack

Protects the Carry Cot mattress. Washable to give your child a soft and clean environment in the cot.

Stokke® PramPack™ Travelbag

Airline approved, the Stokke® PramPack™ fits almost any stroller. It protects the stroller whilst travelling.