The 3 in 1 baby carriers


Parent facing

Stokke® Baby Carriers fill your baby’s entry into a brave new world with security and warmth through your reassuring movements, rhythmic heartbeat, and familiar scent.

When parent facing, baby maintains the comfortable “Happy Hips” position, giving ergonomic support to the back, buttocks and thighs. 

Outward facing

Share your wider view of the world and satisfy baby´s endless curiosity with outward facing functionality.

The shoulder harness accommodates adults of all shapes and sizes. Additional support for you is provided by a sturdy adjustable hip belt and a reinforced back support, for comfortable and ergonomic weight distribution.

Back carrying

Inspire a sense of adventure with an aerial view; your toddler will love this vantage point.

When sitting on your back, the child maintains the comfortable “Happy Hips” position. The user-friendly design allows you to fasten your child securely before you put the harness on your back.

Cat landing MyCarrier Concept
Cat landing MyCarrier Cool Concept