Soft, stylish design to complement
any home interior!


Perfect height

The height of the Daybed has been thoroughly considered so that it fits seamlessly into your life. It’s at a comfortable height both to lift your baby and Bouncer in and out of the bed, and it’s away from the cold floor.

Most importantly, when you are seated in your living room or at the dining table, you can easily reach your baby to cuddle and play. When seated on the sofa, the height is perfect for resting your arm whilst rocking your baby to sleep.


Base shaped for rocking

Soft rocking motion creates calming movements for your baby and encourages restful sleep. Traditional cribs often rock sideways, which, according to research can cause nausea and pressure on delicate neck muscles.


Daybed mattress

The mattress comes with an additional wedge which lifts the baby's head a little higher then the body for comfortable rest.


Shaped to embrace

The sewing of the textile is inspired by a flower and how the leaves embrace and protect its seeds. This creates a safe, soft sleeping environment for your little one.



Mesh inner textile and perforated base allow optimum air circulation. Washable textiles and a soft cocooning liner embrace your sleeping baby. Washable fabrics inside and out.

Soft carry handles with good grip for easy transportation around the home.

Bouncer and Daybed textiles can be removed and machine washed 
at 40˚C


How to disassemble textiles?