Stokke® Care™ FAQs


Stokke® Care™ FAQs

After seeing, or hearing about the Stokke Care changing table, you may have questions about its design, available accessories, or benefits for you and your child? In an effort to make the answers to your questions more readily available, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for you.

What warranty or guarantee do I receive when I purchase Stokke Care?

All Stokke products follow your national guarantee and warranty statutes.
By completing your product registration, you are also entitled to a unique extended warranty.

Does Stokke provide any after sales service?

Every Stokke product is available through our authorized Stokke retailers. Each retailer is certified and educated to understand the full flexibility, construction, value and benefits that our products provide.
By simply locating an authorized Stokke retailer near you, you will receive expert after sales care and treatment from professionals who are able to ready to help and assist you with any questions, comments, requirements or needs.

How should I maintain and keep my Stokke Care clean?

If your Stokke Care gathers dust, talcum power, lotion, or other spillage.
Wipe with a soft, damp but not wet cloth.
Wipe dry, ensuring not to leave any moisture.
Do not use a micro fiber cloth or spray household cleaners as they may damage the finish of the changing table.

Can I clean the Stokke Care mattress?

Yes. The Stokke Care mattress is water repellent, and resitant to liquids and spillage. To remove spillage from your Stokke Care mattress wipe simply with a dry soft cloth until all moisture is removed.