1) Bouncer
In use: Harness


In use: Up


In use: Down


In use: Lifting / in use: On the floor



  • This product is intended for children up to 9 kg.

  • This reclined cradle does not replace a cot or a bed. Should your child need to sleep, then it should be placed in a suitable cot or bed.

  • Do not use the reclined cradle if any components are broken or missing.

  • Do not use accessories or replacement parts other than those approved by the manufacturer.

2) Daybed
Bouncer and Daybed in use



  • Follow the manufacturer’s assembly instructions in detail to ensure the safety
    features of the crib/cradle are not compromised.

  • The crib/cradle should be placed on a horizontal floor.

  • Young children should not be allowed to play unsupervised in the vicinity of a crib/cradle.

  • Ensure that the cot is placed at a reasonable distance from curtains, blinds, heaters and power points.

  • Keep medication, string, elastic, small toys or small items, such as money, out of reach from any position in the cot.

  • All assembly fittings should always be tightened properly. Take care that no screws are loose, because a child could trap parts of the body, or clothing (e.g. strings, necklaces, ribbons for babies dummies, etc.), which would pose a risk of strangulation.

  • Do not use the body of the crib/cradle without its frame.

  • The thickness of the mattress chosen shall be such that the internal vertical height (surface of the top of the mattress to the upper edge of the crib/cradle sides) is at least 200 mm in the highest position of the crib/cradle base).

  • Marking on crib side indicating maximum mattress height, see fig. 3.14.

  • RECOMMENDED MATTRESS SIZE: This crib/cradle has been manufactured for use with a mattress which measures 420 mm wide by 750 mm long and 20 mm in thickness. The width and length are specified because it is important that the gaps between the mattress and the sides and ends of the crib/cradle will not exceed 40 mm. This is to minimize the risk of a child’s limb becoming caught in the gap.The thickness of the mattress has been specified to ensure that the depth of the crib/cradle is greater than 500 mm with the mattress base in the lower position to minimize the risk of a child climbing or falling out of the crib/cradle.