Hard parts 

The stroller should be cleaned using a mild mixture of water with soap. Make sure that any sand/mud/grit is removed prior to cleaning. No part of the stroller is to be lubricated. If any function of the stroller is not working properly, contact your nearest Stokke retailer. All technical solutions are hidden in the chassis making it easy to clean and maintain. 


Is made of aluminium and different high end plastic. 


Must be washed separately! 

  • Canopy and visor can only be hand washed. 
  • Unzip the visor. 
  • Remove front rib from the canopy. 
  • Wash canopy and visor separately. 
  • Seat textile can be machine washed at 40°C/ 104°F. 
  • Mosquito net can be machine washed at 30°C/ 86°F. 
  • Shopping basket and rain cover can only be wiped with a clean damp cloth, be sure to remove excess water. 
  • See the user guide for further instructions.

The upholstery 

Is made of polyurethane, the transparent rain cover is made of Phthalate free PVC. The mosquito net is made of polyester mesh and the shopping basket is made of PVC/polyester filament.