Product Information


Bouncer and Daybed Concept

The Stokke® Bounce ‘n’ Sleep is a unique, new, flexible daybed and bouncer concept that changes function depending on your baby’s needs.

Whether your baby is asleep, playful, hungry or ready for a nap, use the new Stokke® Bounce ‘n’ Sleep to suit your baby’s mood. The concept gives your baby the comfort and security of being close to you at all times.

Use the comfy bouncer to play with your child whilst awake. When its time for a snooze, simply recline the bouncer to its sleep position without having to disturb your baby. The bouncer has a built in mattress which transfers easily into the daybed. A calm, stress free day for your baby and you.



Stokke® Bounce 'n' Sleep design: Tore Mortvedt, Ksenia Stanishevski

30° seating angle (perfect for Reflux babies)
Washable textiles and a soft cocooning liner embrace your sleeping baby
Flat recline function ensures a healthy sleeping position and a seamless transition from awake to sleep
Soft carry handles allow easy transportation around the home
Soft natural bounce motion soothes
Toy hanger for that favourite toy – encourages motor and visual development
Fitted with an easy to use 5-point safety harness
Suitable from birth to around 6 months
Can be used with bouncer in active, 30° position and flat resting position
Soft natural rocking motion encourages restful sleep
Easy to transport around your home
Soft, stylish design to compliment any modern home
Washable fabrics inside and out
Mesh inner textile and perforated base allow optimum air circulation

Flexibility. Mobility. Comfort.