Stokke® Bounce 'n' Sleep


Stokke® Bounce 'n' Sleep is a fresh new concept that’s set to improve the ways in which we currently interact with our babies.

A baby's day rhythm differs from our own. The first few months of a newborn's life are often a challenge for parents trying to juggle the routines of everyday life at home with wanting to focus your day around your baby. 

Whilst you're doing the washing up, your baby may suddenly wake up and need attention. With the Stokke® Bounce 'n' Sleep this is no longer a challenge. 

The easy to transport mobile bouncer and daybed can be with you wherever you are, meaning no dashing from room to room. Whilst making lunch your baby may be ready for a nap. Not a problem. The easy transition from bouncer to daybed will let your baby drift off to a safe and comfortable sleep without being disturbed.


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