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Stokke® MyCarrier™
The organic 3 in 1 baby carrier


Pure Organic Cotton

The Stokke® MyCarrier uses organic cotton textiles. Organic material is especially good for children because they are still developing and are sometimes more sensitive to substances they have not been exposed to. To ensure that the fabrics that touch your child´s delicate skin are safe, we use textiles that are made from organic fibers, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and harsh dyes. Stokke meets strict environmental and toxicological criteria. Rest assured in the knowledge that our products are safe for your baby, for you and for the environment.

Ergonomic design

Stokke® MyCarrier has a signature design which ensures your baby is seated in the “Happy Hips” position while in the baby carrier, in the facing inwards position and back carrying position. This wide leg position provides optimal ergonomic support for the buttocks and thighs which is important for the proper growth and development of baby´s hips.

Fits all body types

  • Outstanding unisex fit for adults
  • Adjustable for all sizes and body types
  • Intuitive adjustments for multiple users
  • Ensures great back and neck support


  • Adjustments for baby are within reach for any 3 positions: front out, front in and back
  • Width adjustments enable solid back support for your child
  • Thoughtful touches include pockets for your keys and sun/sleep shade for baby

What's included?

MyCarrier includes three components:

  • the main harness with integrated hip belt,
  • front carrier, and
  • back carrier, all secured by double locking carabiners.

An additional aluminium support for back carrying to place in the Main Harness.



When washing the colour will fade, similar to a jeans. Stains can be removed with a damp cloth. Remove carabiners before washing. Use detergent without bleach. Gently spin-dry. Stretch when wet to keep original shape. Dry flat at room temperature, away from sunlight or direct heat. DO NOT tumble dry or iron.

Care label is situated in one of the side pockets. To fold the harness when travelling, remove the additional back support to make it more flexible.

Front and Back Carrier
Front and back carrier can be machine washed at 40°C.
Main Harness
The main harness can be handwashed at 30°C. Remove the aluminum back support before washing.
Approved for the EUR and US safety standards.
EN 13209-2:2005
ASTM F2236-13

Product serial number is available on a tag in one of the pockets, for registering in the extended warranty database.

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