Extended Gliders


Tripp Trapp®
Extended Gliders

Stokke recommends using Tripp Trapp® Extended Gliders to further increase the backward stability of the Tripp Trapp® chair.

Simple to use

The new version of Extended Gliders (V2) slide directly onto the gliders that come mounted on your chair, that’s it! No tools, nuts or screws needed.


The V2 Extended Gliders will fit all Tripp Trapp® chairs produced after May 2013, while the V1 Extended Gliders fit all chairs produced before May 2013. Although the installation is different in the two versions, they are equally safe to use. 


Which version of the Extended Gliders is right for my chair?

Figuring out which version of the Extended Glider will fit your chair is easy. Simply look up the production date listed next to the serial number on the bottom of your chair or check the colour of the mounted gliders on your chair. V2 Extended Gliders will fit black mounted gliders and chairs produced after May 2013. V1 Extended Gliders will fit beige mounted gliders and chairs produced before May 2013.

How do I get Extended Gliders?

Extended Gliders are included with the purchase of a Tripp Trapp®.

Extended Gliders can be purchased separately as an accessory.


Colour options

Extended Gliders come in colors to match all of our Tripp Trapp® chairs.