Stokke® Bounce 'n' Sleep搖搖睡床套件

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Stokke® Bounce 'n' Sleep搖搖睡床套件是全新的獨特設計,Daybed日間搖搖睡床和Bouncer搖籃具靈活性的產品概念,可按嬰兒的需要而改變功能。不論您的寶寶是睡眠、玩耍、或就餐,全新的Stokke® Bounce 'n' Sleep搖搖睡床套件都能切合寶寶的需求。 產品的設計概念是讓您的寶寶時刻緊靠著您,以提供舒適和安全的環境;當寶寶清醒時可安坐Bouncer搖籃,當有睡意時可在不打擾寶寶而改變搖籃的形態下就寢;搖籃所配備的海綿塾子可輕易地轉移至Daybed日間搖搖睡床,為您和寶寶提供安舒的享受。 備註:歐洲/亞洲2011年7/8月有售,澳洲10月有售,美加地區11月有售。

Stokke® Bounce 'n' Sleep™搖搖睡床套件,  | Stokke

Features Bouncer:

  • Soft natural bounce motion soothes.
  • Flat recline function ensures a healthy sleeping position and a seamless transition from awake to sleep.
  • Soft carry handles allow easy transportation around the home.
  • Toy hanger for that favourite toy – encourages motor and visual development.
  • Washable textiles and a soft cocooning liner embrace your sleeping baby.
  • Fitted with an easy to use 5-point safety harness.
  • 30° seating angle (perfect for Reflux babies)
Features Daybed:

  • Soft rocking motion encourages restful sleep.
  • Suitable from birth to around 6 months.
  • Can be used with bouncer in active, 30° position and flat resting position.
  • Easy to move from room to room.
  • Soft, stylish design compliments any modern interior.
  • Washable fabrics inside and out.
  • Mesh inner textile and perforated base allow optimum air circulation.






  • 产品规格(长度x高度x宽度)厘米/英寸: 94,5x64x52,5/37x25,2x20,5
  • 产品重量(公斤/磅): 5,5/11
  • 适用月龄: <6
  • 材质:


  • Tore Mortvedt
  • Ksenia Stanishevski