If your Stokke® Home™ Dresser or Changer is damaged, we kindly ask you to contact the shop where you originally purchased the product and provide them with information regarding the damage as well as the product's serial number (found on the inside of the dresser and inside one of the drawers respectively). If it is inconvenient to contact the original retailer, you can also contact any other Stokke® retail partner that sells the Stokke® Home™ for assistance. At the top of our website www.stokke.com, under 'Find your retailer', you can search for your nearest one.

Depending on the type of problem, the retailer will be able either to order a replacement part on your behalf or to have the dresser replaced in its entirety. Whether this can be done under the terms of Stokke® product warranty will depend on whether the claim is made within the warranty period. For more information on Stokke® product warranty and how to register your Stokke® Home™ Dresser for Extended Warranty (3 years after the date of purchase), please follow this link: http://w.stokke.com/#/

Replacements for missing parts of the Stokke® Home™ Dresser/Changer, can be ordered directly from your local Stokke® retailer or from stokke.com, depending on your country of purchase. The details you enter in your registration must correspond to those on the proof of purchase. You are also asked to provide the serial numbers of the cradle, which you will find on a sticker on the inside of the dresser as well as on the inside of one of the drawers. After completing the registration, the registration certificate will be sent to you via email. You can place your claim for replacement parts with a retailer selling the Stokke® Home™ producing both the registration certificate and the original proof of purchase.

You can also contact any other Stokke® retail partner that sells the Stokke® Home™ for assistance in this matter. You can search for your nearest one via the link below: http://www.stokke.com/global/home#findstore