June 2024

Sustainability Report 2023

Stokke’s sustainability journey continues

Driving change for a better tomorrow

Stokke proudly presents its 2023 sustainability report, highlighting its progress and outlining its sustainability goals moving forward.

Norwegian heritage brand Stokke has released its Sustainability Report for 2023. In the second year of this report, the company reaffirms its commitment to championing the well-being of children alongside the preservation of the planet.

“In today’s world, sustainability is no longer a choice; it’s a necessity for both our planet and future generations. As a brand that champions children, we owe it to them to create a future that is made to last,” says Jacob Kragh, CEO of Stokke.

To achieve this, several measures have been implemented over the past year to ensure its impact on the environment is a positive one. This includes a 22% reduction in carbon emissions compared to 2022 as aligned with the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi). Additionally, there is a 49% increase in renewable electricity usage in manufacturing. Stokke is also prioritizing sustainable forestry with the FSC® certification for the new Stokke® Snoozi™ daybed, and the exclusive production of FSC®-certified Tripp Trapp® chairs starting in 2024. This further aligns with Stokke's commitment to crafting products that are made to last.

“To minimize our climate footprint, we are committed to reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 42% by 2030, and Scope 3 emissions by 25% from a 2020 baseline within the same timeframe. We are well on our way with our primary focus being directed towards the materials used in our products, manufacturing procedures, and transportation methods.” – Sonia Petzold, Sustainability Manager

In 2023, Stokke became more vocal in its commitment to Child Development and belief in the power of the early years - the social pillar in their sustainability strategy. Delivering on this promise, Stokke has introduced four campaigns infused with Child Development, aimed to recognize and support its importance in shaping the next generation. This past year marked the completion of the initial phases of its funded Ph.D. study in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen on learning and social development at the dining table. Following the company’s commitment to invest in knowledge, the internal understanding of Child Development has also been enhanced through training internal resources known as ‘Circle of Security Parenting Facilitators.’

Lastly, the report highlights the prioritization of employee growth and development within the company through continuous education and training. By investing in the skill enhancement of its workforce, Stokke strives to create a sustainable future not just for its business, but for the individuals who contribute to its success. As part of this, the Stokke Sustainability Ambassadors program has been initiated - with over 10% of its employees being actively involved in driving sustainability initiatives. Furthermore, a renewed set of Stokke values has been introduced to better reflect its vision, mission, and purpose. Beyond caring for its own people, Stokke has also made an effort to ensure ethical practices across its value chain. By integrating all Tier 1 suppliers into SEDEX, accompanied by a comprehensive risk assessment.

In this report, Stokke reaffirms its commitment to sustainability, positioning itself for the future with sustainability embedded as a key pillar in the company’s strategy. The upcoming FSC® certification of its hero product, the Tripp Trapp® chair, serves as a promising start to a year in which Stokke will accelerate its ambitions. Looking forward, Stokke aims to achieve a 2% reduction in emissions across all sectors by 2024 and transition to sustainable materials, while continuing its advocacy for Child Development. Additionally, by emphasizing personal accountability to align behaviors with sustainability objectives, Stokke empowers all stakeholders to actively contribute to a more sustainable future.

“At Stokke, sustainability lies at the heart of our mission as we aim to become a leading force in driving social and environmental sustainability. To this end, we’re intensifying our efforts in all areas - from responsible sourcing of materials, and emission reductions to our advocacy in child development. Driving change for a better tomorrow. – Jacob Kragh, CEO of Stokke

Read the Stokke Sustainability Report 2023 here

About Stokke

Founded in Ålesund in 1932, Stokke is a proud Norwegian company globally recognized for best-in-class solutions in high chairs, strollers, nurseries, baby carriers, and more. Merging Scandinavian design with innovation, we create premium products that encourage healthy child development and nurture family bonding. Our mission is simple: to support parents in raising confident kids for a better world. With connection, safety, and exploration as our foundation, we transform this promise into action by making innovative products that promote parent-child closeness, exemplified by our iconic Tripp Trapp® chair. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to use durable, high-quality materials, vital for crafting long-lasting products with grow-with-your-child functionality and timeless design, so we can move towards a more sustainable future.