Evolution of the Stokke® Brand.
Our journey from 1932 - 2014
A new milestone in the Stokke® Brand Evolution takes place October 10th when we proudly launch our Stokke® icon. The icon will be a great asset in further strengthening our visual identity while continuing to develop Stokke® as a sustainable global brand.

Our icon has been inspired by the overwhelming feeling of love and care that we have for our children from the first moment, a love and connection that lasts a lifetime. The icon encompasses all that this remarkable relationship entails and all that our brand represents - a connection like no other.




Stokke was established in 1932 as “Møller & Stokke AS” and started out by designing and producing bus seats, before moving on to developing recliners and different furniture for private homes. The Stokke logo has its origins in the 1980’s when the company still focused on furniture and seating solutions for adults, with a brand slogan ”Makes life worth sitting”. When the famous children’s chair Tripp Trapp® designed by Peter Opsvik, was launched in 1972 this slogan was still intact.