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DKK 4.750,00
Stokke® Crusi™ Stel

Stokke® Crusi Stel

  • Crusi Chassis only
  • Stokke® Crusi™ chassis.
  • Crusi Chassis only
  • Stokke® Crusi™ chassis.

With a large protective carry cot and luxurious cushioning, the Stokke® Crusi offers an ultra comfortable ride for your baby and you while lifting your baby higher. Stokke® Crusi offers a wide range of configurations, including a sibling solution to adapt to your family’s ever-changing needs. The large shopping basket leaves lots of room for groceries and other baby essentials.
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DKK 4.750,00 4750.0
DKK 4.750,00 4750.0

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  • Stelvægt i kg: 8.6/18.96
  • Stolevægt i kg: 3.8/8.34
  • Stel med sædemål (længde x højde x bredde) i cm: 96x128x63/37.8x50.4x24.8
  • Foldet stel med sædemål (længde x højde x bredde) i cm: 103x33x63/41.6x13x24.8
  • Bæreliftens vægt i kg: 4.8/10.58
  • Stel med bæreliftmål (længde x højde x bredde) i cm: 96x127x63/37.8x50x24.8
  • Foldet stel med bæreliftmål (længde x højde x bredde) i cm: 103x57x63/40.6x22.4x24.8
  • Stol velegnet til vægt i kg: From 6 months to 15kg/33lb worlddwide. From birth to 20kg/44lb in USA/Canada.
  • Bærelift velegnet til vægt i kg: 0-9/0-20
  • Maks. belastning i kg: 15/33.07
  • Materialer: Chassis: Made of aluminium, plastics and composite materials.


  • Can be used with carry cot, stroller seat, car seats and optional sibling solution.
  • 3 parent facing positions: sleep, rest and active, and 2 forward facing positions: rest and active.
  • Lockable swivel wheels make it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • Lightweight, robust chassis with large shopping basket is easy to fold and light to carry.


  • High carry cot and stroller seat position brings the baby closer to mum and dad.
  • Spacious carry cot with soft interior lining provides a comfortable environment for the baby.
  • Soft, padded seat with an extra cushion that reduces the seat depth to fit the smallest babies.
  • Adjustable ergonomic foot rest on the seat eliminates dangling feet.
  • Ventilation in hood improves the air quality and reduces the risk of moisture inside the carry cot and stroller seat.
  • Ergonomic height and angle adjustable handle provides a wide range of positions.

Travel System

  • Stokke offers two car seats that can be used with Stokke strollers without the use of adaptors: The Stokke® iZi Go X1 by BeSafe® and the Stokke® iZi Sleep X3 by BeSafe.
  • Stokke® offers Car Seat Adaptors making it possible to use selected models of car seats made by other manufacturers.

Hårde dele

  • Barnevognen kan rengøres med en mild blanding af vand og sæbe. Sørg for at fjerne sand/mudder/grus inden rengøring.
  • Alle de tekniske detaljer er gemt i stellet, så vognen er nem at rengøre og vedligeholde.
  • Kontakt din nærmeste Stokke® forhandler, hvis der er noget på barnevognen, der ikke fungerer ordentligt.