Sustainability A future-first perspective

Turning care into action

Growing toward a better future
Caring for our children entails more than providing safety, comfort, and protection. It means caring for the planet they will inherit. At Stokke, we turn this care into action. 

Our materials like certified, responsibly sourced wood are chosen with care, making sure they have a lower environmental impact. 
People and Workplace
People and Workplace
We strive to ensure fair practice and decent work through every step of our supply chain.
Sustainability beyond climate
Doing our part to do better
In a world with a growing population, the well-being of children is instrumental to ensure sustainable societies. This is why we do what we can to be socially and environmentally responsible. 
How caring for children is caring for the planet
Child development
Being small is a pretty big deal
The first years of life set the foundation for everything to come. As a brand championing children, we are big believers in those years – we think confident kids make for confident adults.
Being small is a pretty big deal
Confident kids for a better world
With connection, safety and exploration as our foundation, we encourage parents and caregivers to take advantage of opportunities they have to help their children develop and grow up confident.