Find your rhythm together

Stokke® MyCarrier™

For nine months your baby has gotten to know you and your rhythm. Your careful movements, the warmth of your tummy, the sound of your heartbeat and the muffled voice of a soon to be dad all add to your baby’s feelings of security and well-being.



Research shows that we are all born into this world already connected to those around us.


The transition from being together as one during your pregnancy, to becoming two, is no small feat but it is this unique connection that you will both carry with you forever.

For nine months your baby has gotten to know your rhythm. Why stop now?


Enjoy a natural state of togetherness with Stokke® MyCarrier, designed to enhance your special connection. Its aim is to help you remain as comfortably close as possible, strengthening the unique bond you share.


Stokke® MyCarrier™ offers adjustable fit for baby and parent comfort.


Your closeness will provide a sense of emotional security that you both crave.

Move together as one through your day, sharing and feeling the same rhythm.


The freedom of movement when using a baby carrier fits easily into an active lifestyle and provides a comfortable state of togetherness for
both of you, whether you’re out running errands or showing your baby the big outdoors.

The carrier is also a handy helper for indoor usage when you have things to do around the house. It enables you to keep your baby close while having your hands free.




Adjustable fit for baby and parent comfort.

Stokke® MyCarrier Front & Back Carrier

€ 159,00 159.0

Stokke® MyCarrier Front Carrier

€ 119,00 119.0

February 2016