Stokke® Steps™ White Seat

The versatile chair that evolves with your baby

  • Part of the Stokke® Steps™ high chair seating system
  • Suitable from newborn with clip on baby bouncer
  • Tool free and easy to adjust as your child grows
  • Comfortable baby set and tray for easy feeding
  • Brings your child to the family table

Create and buy your Stokke Steps from a wide selection of wood colours and accessories.


Seat Colour:
Stokke® Steps™ White Seat
Stokke® Steps™ Black Seat
Storm Grey
Hazy Grey
Oak Black
Oak Natural
195,00 €

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The chair is the core of our seating system and serves as a base for the bouncer and additional accessories. The chair itself has been developed with active, independent toddlers in mind, giving them proper support and comfort with its adjustable features.

  • Features


    • Can be used together with the Stokke® Steps™ Bouncer bringing your newborn to the table and with the Stokke® Steps™ Baby Set to create the highchair.
    • Your child can comfortably sit at the dining table and enjoy mealtimes with the rest of family.
    • The rounded generous seat and back give optimal ergonomics.
    • The easy tool-free adjustable footrest allows your child to climb in and out independently.
    • Contemporary Scandinavian design.
  • Spare Parts

    • 3496
      Stokke® Steps™ Wood leg set Back Natural. Sparepart.

      Stokke® Steps™ Wood Leg Set Back 2 pcs

      62,00 €
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    • 300700
      Stokke® Steps™ Chair Screw Bag. White.

      Stokke® Steps™ Chair Screw Bag

      8,00 €
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    • 358400
      Stokke® Steps™ Chair Glider (Sparepart).

      Stokke® Steps™ Chair Glider 4 pcs

      6,00 €
      View product
    • 3495
      Stokke® Steps™ Wood leg set Front Natural. Sparepart.

      Stokke® Steps™ Wood Leg Set Front 2pcs

      62,00 €
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    • 3583
      358300 Steps Chair footrest. Sparepart.

      Stokke® Steps™ Chair Footrest

      45,00 €
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    • 3582
      Spare part. 358200 Steps Seat.

      Stokke® Steps™ Chair Seat Plate

      37,00 €
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    • 300701
      Stokke® Steps™ Chair Screw Bag. White.

      Stokke® Steps™ Chair Screw Bag White

      8,00 €
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  • User Guides



    • Wipe clean with damp cloth.
    • Immediately remove any excess water with dry cloth. Remaining moisture can crack the surface.
    • Colours may change if exposed to the sun.

    Plastic parts

    • Wipe clean with damp cloth.


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