Stokke® MuTable™ Side Toy Container V1

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  • Ideal to store pens, pencils, markers, and small toys
  • Can rotate in all directions
  • Can be attached on any or all 3 sides of the Stokke® MuTable™
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05.06.2023 - 07.06.2023
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Click here for Stokke® MuTable™ Toy Container V2.
V2 is applicable to products purchased after May 2023 (starting with Batch number S8222010090).

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Product Details

A convenient cup-like container to store pens, pencils, markers, and small toys. Attach one container for your child’s toys on any or all three sides of the Stokke® MuTable™. When playtime is over, just rotate the containers under the table to keep things tidy. You can add up to three Side Toy Containers to each Stokke® MuTable™

Product Size (cm/in): 19 x 10 x 9 / 7.5 x 3.9 x 3.5 Weight (kg/lbs): 0.2 / 0.4


  • Stokke® MuTable™ V1
  • Can not be used with Stokke® MuTable™ 6 Seat Extension
    Stokke® MuTable™ Toy Container V1 is not compatible with the Stokke® MuTable™ V2