Stokke® MyCarrier™ Front Carrier

Superior ergonomics and adjustability for ultimate comfort.

  • Fully adjustable for ultimate support and comfort
  • Ergonomic design with inward and outward facing options
  • Acknowledged as a hip-healthy baby carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and medical experts
  • Safe and functional materials: cotton and breathable mesh
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 approved

If you want to purchase the back carrier at a later stage please check our “Accessories”

  • Certified organic cotton (OCS 100 certified)


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Marina Mesh
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Stokke® MyCarrier™ Front Carrier
119,00 € 83,00 €
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Take the long way home! The Stokke® MyCarrier™ has been carefully designed and ergonomically developed to give a tailor-made fit to mums and dads of all sizes as well as your growing baby. Completely adjustable for correct weight distribution long with softly padded cotton fabric makes carrying comfortable for parent and child alike. With intuitive adjustments, you'll be on your way in no time. Stokke® MyCarrier™ has been created so that your baby is correctly seated in all positions to ensure healthy development. For parent facing and back carrying, the baby sits in a broad position, while when outward facing, the baby is properly supported. No matter the movement, your child is safe and comfortable. In the back carrying position, your curious toddler will enjoy a panoramic view of the world. The child is seated high up on your back, and can easily see and explore. All components of Stokke® MyCarrier™ are tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products.

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  • Features

    Grows with the child

    • Can be used from 4 weeks and up to 3 years with 2-way front and back carrying
    • Front carrier for carrying baby from 4 weeks (approved for use from 3.5kg and 53cm)
    • Back carrier for carrying a child who can sit unaided. From 9 months. The seat can be adjusted when the child is approximately 18 months to ensure a better view for the child

    Ergonomic and tailor-made design

    • In the parent facing position the child has optimal ergonomics. The carrier offers a broad seating position with good support for the back, buttocks and thighs
    • Adjustability ensures optimal support for your baby and a perfect fit for the parent
    • Tailor-made, optimised separate parent harness, front carrier part and back carrier part (3 parts in total) for optimal ergonomics in different carrying positions.
    • The back carrier gives the child the highest seating position for the ultimate, panoramic view of the world
    • The soft, stable head support which also gives your baby a good side view
    • Ergonomically designed waist belt, back support and shoulder straps for parent

    Textiles and safety

    • All components of Stokke® MyCarrier™ are tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products
    • MyCarrier complies with European and US safety standards for baby carriers. For more information, please see compliance declaration below user guides section
    • Leg safety straps to ensure that the child whenever seated in the carrier
    • All adjustments are within reach of the parent. Placing the child in the baby carrier is safe and easy in all positions
  • What's included

    • (1) Parent harness with integrated hip belt
    • (2) Front carrier
    • (3) Back carrier (for Front and Back Carrier configuration only)
  • Technical Specifications / Measurements

    Product info
    • Front carrier suitable for age in months: 1-9
    • Front carrier suitable for weight in kg/lbs: 3.5 - 15kg / 7.7 - 33lbs *For low birthweight babies and children with medical conditions, seek advice from a health professional before using the product.
    • Front carrier suitable from child length in cm/in: 53 cm / 21 inch
    • Product weight in kg/lbs: 0.8 kg / 1.76 lbs
    • Materials: Cotton textiles or breathable mesh, plastic and aluminium buckles
    • Back carrier suitable for age in months: 9+
  • Compatibility


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    Stokke® MyCarrier™ Back Carrier - Brown
    Stokke® MyCarrier™ Back Carrier Brown.


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    Coral Mesh
    Marina Mesh
    Grey Mesh
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    Stokke® MyCarrier™ Bib - White
    Stokke® MyCarrier™ Bib. White.


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  • Assembly Instructions

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  • User Guides

    • You have chosen a natural product made of organic cotton. The colouring process is also environmental friendly. When washing the colour will fade, similar to a jeans. Stains can be removed with a damp cloth. Remove carabiners before washing. Use detergent without bleach. Gently spin-dry. Stretch when wet to keep original shape. Dry flat at room temperature, away from sunlight or direct heat. DO NOT tumble dry or iron.

    Front and Back Carrier:

    • Front and back carrier can be machine washed at 40°C.

    Main Harness:

    • The main harness can be handwashed at 30°C. Remove the aluminium back support before washing.