Music Therapy

By: Monika Overå

The new Stokke® MyCarrier is the perfect way to help you and your baby find your rhythm together. Here at Stokke, we gave a lot of thought into how new parents connect to their babies and adjust to their new lives as a family. We know that it takes a while to get to know each other and that this happens at different times and in different ways.

In doing our research, we discovered that for many parents around the world, music and movement play an integral part in connection and daily life for everything from soothing to entertaining children. We wanted to know more about music, movement, and finding your rhythm with a new baby and went straight to the expert.




Certified Music Therapist Monika Overå specializes in Music Education and works right here in the center of Oslo. She has a Masters Degree in Music Therapy from the Norwegian Academy of Music as well as degree in Special Education. She works with children from newborn through 18 who have a variety of needs. Most importantly, she is also mother to a new baby girl and we were fortunate enough to speak with her about the role that music plays in her life as well as her patients.



What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is research based and has been found to promote health, well being and connection. Monika works with a variety of individuals in the hospital who have a wide range of diagnoses, either in their hospital rooms or in the music room. Monika has experienced how music can relieve pain, give energy, create a space for expressing one self and strengthen the self in a time of illness and struggle. Music connects people. When the words do not suffice, we need music!

What is the inherent power of music?

There is a lot of research to support the way that music affects health, part of a holistic approach to health. It is a way of healing and connecting.

What does connection with your baby mean to you?

It is about seeing my child and taking the time to focus on her. I feel connected when there is eye contact and physical contact.

As a mum and a therapist – how important is connection?

As a mum and a Music Therapist, connection is the essence of what I do. We need to connect to build a relationship within which we can explore. I feel that connection with each other and to the world around us is essential. It is important for parents to be present –to look for and recognize all of the small but significant signs that your baby is trying to get across, if your attention is diverted, you may miss them.



Many children learn to sing before they talk.

Monika Overå, Music Therapist

Music and movement seem to naturally go together, do they help with development?

Yes, they can help you to bond but they also help with coordination, communication, speech and learning. Many children learn to sing before they talk. Music and movement is stimulating and very beneficial. Music naturally gets your child´s attention.

How does music and movement benefit babies?

It can really help to calm them. As a mum, my daughter loves to be carried around – and using a baby carrier is a great way to do this. When she is tired, she prefers facing in, when lively facing outwards. When we move together, I can sense her relaxing.



What do you recommend that new mums do to find their rhythm with their baby?

I recommend listening, playing and following your child, share, to be yourself, show them who you are – your baby wants to get to know you. Experiment with sound and movement and find out what your baby likes because all children are different.

Tips to get started:

* Find out what your baby likes and begin with that.
* Sing to your baby – they love to hear your voice and be together in song.
* Include the dad and find something you like to sing together as a family.
* Make up your own songs.
* Let your child inspire you.
* Find your voice, find your song, find your rhythm.
* Enjoying music and movement together, will help you to stay close, creating meaningful moments for the whole family.

To move you need some music and here are Monika’s suggested playlists:

(You need to have a Spotify account to listen to the playlist)

Activity Calm Sleep


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June 2016