Mommy Survival Tips

By: Megan Quint


I’ve been a mama for a year now. And in these last 12 months there are a few tips I wish I could go back and give my new mama self. Since time travel isn’t a thing yet, I thought I’d share them with all my new mama pals out there.




Repeat After Me:
This Too Shall Pass

This is the number one thing motherhood has taught me – whatever issue is currently tripping you up – it will pass. Whether it’s taking a bottle, trying vegetables, or sleeping through the night… baby will get there!

Put Your Oxygen Mask On Before Helping Others

Your motherly instincts are going to tell you to give give give, but don’t forget to recharge! It’s hard to be a good mama, partner, daughter, or co-worker if you haven’t taken care of yourself.
Get a manicure, take a spin class… whatever makes you feel human, do that.





Don’t Just Accept Help:
Go Out and Ask For It!

Asking for help is a hard, but powerful skill. Get used to asking for help, because that old cliché is true – it takes a village.


Nurture Your Partnership

And on that note... Whether you’re parenting with a significant other, a friend, your own parents or whomever it may be, remember to show gratitude. This parenting gig is hard for everyone involved.


Find Your Mom Tribe

Simply put - motherhood is more fun with a buddy. Play dates aren’t just healthy for baby, they make mama feel sane! Join a Mommy and Me group… or 2. Sign up for music classes, frequent the park and strike up a conversation with the mama on the next swing, or join your local Facebook moms group (I promise you there is one!)

Comparison Is
The Thief Of Joy

Don’t worry if your little one’s buddies are babbling, walking, stacking blocks, or using sign language - just honor and enjoy the moment you and your little are in. Before you know it this moment will pass.



Look Up

Which reminds me… it’s easy to get sucked into work, emails, the dirty dishes or even just Facebook, but when you can spare a moment look up and savor. It’s worth it every time.


There’s No Right Way

You’ll meet a lot of other new parents, parents that breastfeed, bottle feed, co-sleep, cry it out. It can be easy to feel pressured one way or the other, but just remember –there’s no “right” way, there’s the way that works for your family.


Stand By Your Boundaries

Your baby, your rules. Don’t be shy about your mama boundaries – whatever they may be. In the beginning I had a hard time asserting myself with my family or other caregivers about how important certain things were to me – like car seat safety, or putting baby to sleep on her back. Best practices have changed since our moms raised us, don’t be afraid to speak up about it!

The Best Advice is The One That Works For You

It sounds so obvious, but it’s easy to lose track of this idea in the beginning. Take what works, leave what doesn’t. If “sleep when the baby sleeps” sounds like silly advice, then don’t give it a second thought!




Babies Are Super Resilient

Once babies start moving, they also start bonking! My baby fell recently and she was laughing and back to running around the house long before I had finished wiping my own tears.



In case you haven’t heard it yet today – you’re doing an AWESOME job!




Blog: The Quintessentials // IG: @meganquint

December 2016