A trusted companion.

Vibeke Ruud (36) and Lars Mangset (36) live next to a green area in Oslo with their son Nikolai, and they are happily expecting a baby boy this year.

For three year old Nikolai the Tripp Trapp® works as a toy, chair and sometimes ladder. 

Vibeke and Lars have been together for 13 years, and they are now living in the apartment that Lars grew up in in Oslo. It is ideally located right next to the big St. Hanshaugen park, giving much room to play outside for their three year old son Nikolai.

This year Nikolai is becoming an older brother, as Vibeke is expecting another baby boy.

- Nikolai is very excited about becoming an older brother. He was a very wanted child, as is this new one, Vibeke says and pats her stomach.


"It was amazing becoming a mother, no doubt a bit shocking at first, but it just keeps getting better and better."



Lars works as an IT consultant, while Vibeke is an art director for a fashion magazine. Their apartment is Scandinavian in style, with added elements from around the world the couple has collected on travels over the years.

When taking over the apartment from Lars’ mother the married couple installed new floors, painted walls and tore down some walls to create more open space. - I still feel that I am not entirely done with the interior, but I’ve decided to just let it be a process, Vibeke explains.

"We are both very involved, and both share the work, and joy it is, being a mother and father."


Their dining table is the centre of the open plan kitchen, dining and living room. Next to the dining chairs is the Tripp Trapp® in a natural oak colour.

- It is without a doubt the nicest children’s chair, and it is the natural choice for us.

It is functional and Nikolai uses it for literally everything. He drags it with him into his room, he drags it to the bathroom to stand on while brushing his teeth and to the kitchen to help us make dinner. It is sort of his ladder to reach our level, says Vibeke and laughs.



The time the family shares around the dinner table is important for the little family. 

- The best thing is cooking a meal that takes no time at all. Having dinner as a family is also a parenting task, teaching them to say thank you and being patient.

I love dinner time with Lars and Nikolai. He sits on the Tripp Trapp® and I clean up the floor around him afterwards, because there is a lot of spilling involved, Vibeke laughs.


The best thing about 
having a child is getting to 
know this new person.

It’s amazing that 
he is half Lars, half Vibeke 
– and it is difficult to imagine life 
before he came into it.


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April 2016