Growing family life

Nobody said it was going to be easy, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. After a move, a new baby and a major renovation, they know nothing can tear them apart.




Moving from urban life in the city to the well-established area of Holmenkollen, and having the woods right outside their door, Therese and Rasmus have made a new home for their family, and welcomed the latest member just four months ago. Taking its place on a towering hillside, the new home has panoramic views of Oslo and the surrounding fjord. After purchasing it from Rasmus’s sister, the couple moved in last May. - Therese was at the end of her pregnancy with Frans, so the timing was not ideal to renovate an entire house, Rasmus explains. - But we had to take advantage of this opportunity. This was a project we could make our own. So I started drawing it along with the architecture firm Arkitekturkollektivet, Therese says.


“We try to make the ordinary aspects of daily life fun for Ole. He loves participating when we make dinner, for instance.”

Meet the family
Therese Mælen Hansen, an architect, and Rasmus Ødegaard, self-employed, live in the suburban Oslo neighborhood of Holmenkollen with their two sons: Ole, two and a half years old, and Frans, four months old.



Before Ole came into our lives, we only had ourselves to worry about. 


3 questions about everyday life:

What do you talk about around the dinner table?
We want to make sure that dinner is an enjoyable time for all of us. We talk with Ole about how he spent his day at daycare and about how I spent the day with Frans.

Favorite dinner:
Hamburger and steak dinners are our favorites!

Their favorite holiday as a family:
We went to Japan with Ole, and adjusted our trip, so we knew he would have a good time. We saw wild monkeys in the forest and stayed in an old guest house, where Ole received his own kimono.

“We recognize how important it is for Ole that all of us spend time together.”





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“There’s a new man in town. Family life has just gotten
better with the addition of baby Frans.”



Best everyday tips:

We have made Ole his own box in the hallway, where he keeps his outerwear, hats and gloves. By having a designated place for your child to put their things, it makes it easy and fun for them to learn to clean up after themselves. Ole helps us to tidy up after meals. He enjoys helping to load and unload the dishwasher. We try to keep most of Ole’s toys in his bedroom, with just a few in the living room and downstairs. From time to time, we change where the toys are kept. This makes old toys feel new again.

“We value our time together and want Ole and Frans to be as involved as possible.”



Family time in the sun - there is no lack of calm streets near their home to go for walks together.


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September 2017