A good family life


After eleven years together, Ida’s and Daniel’s lives fit together like two halves of a whole. The couple are supportive teammates and enjoy working together to raise their daughter, Rikke. Their lives are about to change once more, as Ida is eight months pregnant.




It is dinner time at Ida’s and Daniel’s house. Their daughter Rikke sits down by the table with her cousin Astrid, who is visiting today. The two little girls are best friends and love spending time together. The family puppy, Maja, is running around the house playing. 

Ida is pregnant, and in five weeks they will welcome a son to their little family. The couple met when they were 23 years old and began discussing having children once in their thirties.

Compared to many of our friends, we decided to have children quite late, seeing as we have been together for so long. We loved traveling and having the freedom to do whatever we wanted. I think we both held on to that for a very long time, Ida says.

A little over two years ago, Ida gave birth to their daughter Rikke.


“Having a child is a totally new experience. The love is so unconditional. I had never felt anything like it before.”

Meet the family
Ida Heyerdahl and Daniel Wibe Kullblikk are the parents of two and a half year old, Rikke. The couple live in a house in Stabekk, just outside Oslo, and are expecting their second child in five weeks.


I think it is so healthy and beneficial for a father to have time alone with his child. 



How was your maternity leave with Rikke?
There were constantly surprises, and I discovered something new about this little person every day. It was strange when my maternity leave was over, and Daniel began his paternity leave. I had been the one who knew everything about Rikke. When I started working, it took about a week before Daniel became the expert. I think it is so healthy and beneficial for the father to have that time alone with his child. I also think our paternity leave is one of the biggest reasons Norwegian fathers are as involved as they are, Ida explains.

“We like sitting together by the fire and beading together. It is wonderful to do things I did in my own childhood again with her.”



Since having Rikke, several Stokke® products have made their way into the family's home.





It is natural to move on to a new stage in life when you feel ready. Life becomes much more structured. Every day is more or less like a weekday due to routines and the stability that a child needs and deserves, Daniel explains.




3 questions about everyday life:

What do you talk about around the dinner table?
Rikke tells us how her day was, and we talk to her about friends she’s made, activities she’s done and the new things she has learned.

Favorite dinner:
Salmon, in any shape or form. We especially like sushi or oven roasted.

Their favorite holiday as a family:
We went to Sardinia during our parental leave, where we rented a house for two weeks with friends. It was amazing!


We love picking her up from daycare, as it is one of the best moments of our day. She is so happy to see us and so eager to tell us all about her day.


Best everyday tips:

Let your child participate in grown-up up activities to help build motor skills and encourage involvement. Doing so may take longer and create more of a mess, but it is also a lovely way to bond with your child. Although this wouldn’t be considered an everyday tip, consider booking an apartment via Airbnb when you go on vacation. We went to Madrid, and the apartment was fully furnished and even included a Stokke® Sleepi Mini crib in the kids’ bedroom.


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June 2017