Tripp Trapp® – A Modern Classic

Ingrid and Bård had Sofie two years ago. If they knew how fun it was becoming parents, they both think they would have made the life changing choice sooner.


- It has been amazing becoming a mother. I sometimes 
wonder what I did with my time before I had Sofie. That’s how much fun it is having her in my life, Ingrid says.

Ingrid, a school teacher, lives with Bård, a sales manager, 
in an apartment in the neighbourhood of Frogner in Oslo. Their daughter Sofie is two years old.

- Its been very important for us to maintain things we had 
in our lives before becoming parents, if it's going out now and then with friends, or working out. We work well together and we are a team, but we also believe in having some time for ourselves. Both of us want to do more family related activities than before, of course, and we are more often at a farm looking at animals on Sundays than at a cafe in the city, Bård 
says and laughs.

You have to give yourself time to adjust when becoming a parent.


The couple has been together for seven years and are getting married this summer. Sofie is an active little girl, and loves playing around the apartment, and her parents love playing with her. For them being parents has made life a lot better.

- If we knew how much fun it was, I think we would have had a child a lot sooner, Ingrid says with a big smile.




Both Ingrid and Bård had a Tripp Trapp® growing up, and since having Sofie they have become very aware of just how important it is owning quality products that make everyday life easier.

She sits on the Tripp Trapp® for all our meals, and sits with us, instead of below us. That is very nice. She stands on it, with our help, to look at pictures or when she tries turning on the radio or changing the channel. It’s great that the chair grows with her.



They still have Bård’s old Tripp Trapp® as well as a new, pink one.

– When we found out we were expecting a girl, we thought is was nice to have one in a pink colour as well, because the rest of our interior is quite simple. It was cool to have a colour that popped. It is a fascinating thing with design classics, it is just as modern today as it was when we had it when we were children.

The Tripp Trapp® is a natural fit, both by the kitchen and dining room table. The design is timeless and simple, and that goes very well with the rest of our interior.


Pure Scandinavian elements are mixed with heirlooms in their apartment.



- My grandmother has embroidered pillows for us, and the carpet in Sofie’s room is also her doing. And Bård’s old Tripp Trapp® is full of memories. I love having things like that, it makes your home all the more personal, Ingrid explains.


June 2016