We've got a treat when it's time to eat!

Our  Stokke™ Munch™  tableware is designed to help your baby feed themselves. This is important because dining isn't just about eating, it's about learning.

Practice makes perfect

Dinnertime is an amazing opportunity for learning, but eating at the table isn't actually intuitive. It's an important skill that your little one has to learn and forms the foundation of healthy habits. It involves more than just eating and includes things such as good manners and socialization. Like most of baby's firsts, there's a lot of trial and error. Sometimes this can test both the child and parent's patience.


Stokke™ Munch™ is ergonomically designed to give your child the right tools during the process of learning to eat.

Easy for little hands to handle - the first spoon loaded with porridge will reach its destination: your little one's mouth!

We're offering Stokke™ Munch™ in 6 assortments that also make for thoughtful gift giving.

Everything your baby needs for meal time

The Stokke™ Munch™ Collection includes a waterproof bib, easy-grip cutlery, a stackable, space-saving plate, and even a cup and bowl with spill-proof lids.