Let the sunshine in with the Tripp Trapp® chair in new Sunflower Yellow! Known for being “happy” flowers, sunflowers symbolize longevity, which is especially relevant for our iconic chair. Because Tripp Trapp® grows with your child, you can use it into adulthood and enjoy it for generations. 

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Let the sunshine in


We put a lot of thought into selecting a new color for the Tripp Trapp® Trend Collection. Yellow is trending hard in 2021 and is predicted to do so for quite some time. Why? Known for its bright, positive associations, yellow is sunny & optimistic. Fresh from the runway, it’s uplifting and infuses any interior with a burst of positive vibes and warm color. 

Versatile, yet bold enough to make a statement, Sunflower Yellow is a brilliant way to bring in the sunshine & brighten up every day! Enjoy watching your baby learn, interact and develop alongside you at the family table with the iconic Tripp Trapp® chair in new Sunflower Yellow!

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In addition to the new Sunflower Yellow, our iconic Tripp Trapp® chair is available in a rainbow of hot colors.
Tripp Trapp® classic cushion

Brighten up your Tripp Trapp® chair with new cushions

With our comprehensive Tripp Trapp® cushion collection, you can add the just right amount of softness, support and function to suit every stage of your growing child’s development. 
Let your creativity bloom and accessorize your Tripp Trapp® chair with new cushions and add both softness and style!

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