Introducing elegant Grey Melange

Stokke® Pram collection

With new fabric Grey Melange, our in-house designers wanted to take a holistic approach to deliver a high impact look for our premium line of Scandinavian prams.

This luminous shade of grey was selected to blend beautifully with the aluminium elements of the pram, resulting in an overall impression of effortless elegance.

The weaving together of both light and dark threads used to create the melange effect highlights the quality of this luxury textile. The contrasting textures of grey fabric against shimmering aluminium parts, silver buttons and shiny zippers combine for a truly distinctive look.

Versatile styling
Chic and sophisticated, Grey Melange is a classic neutral than moves easily with your styling preferences from season to season. Endlessly versatile, it complements an array of colours, looking equally stunning with our accessories (or yours) in dark or pastel hues.

"With the Grey Melange fabric, we tuned into the cool and sophisticated shade of the anodized aluminium chassis parts. 
This contributes to make the pram as a whole appear less fragmented and with more consistency in material and finish."

Robert Myrene, 
Designer at Stokke

Available from March 2016.

A closer view…


Textile features
The textile offers UPF 50 and is treated to withstand wind and rain. It is also machine washable.


Contrasting textures
Grey Melange against silver hardware combines for a truly distinctive look.


Melange technique
The weaving together of both light and dark threads creates the melange effect for this luxury textile.

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February 2016