A year with new Moms and the Stokke® MyCarrier

We wanted to hear from new mothers about their journey into motherhood and see how the Stokke® MyCarrier fit into the story. We contacted four mums from around the world and asked them to tell us about each stage of motherhood from pregnancy through their first year. Though geography and cultures separate these lovely women, their experiences are remarkably the same, with their babies being the center of their world and motherhood being the most important part of their lives.



Waiting is the hardest part

When working with the mothers-to-be from Korea, the United States, Germany and Spain, one thing was clear... waiting was the hardest part. Waiting to meet their baby and celebrating the upcoming event was filled with anticipation. Though they didn’t know exactly how everything was going to come together and they had a lot of fun getting ready.


The First months –
Staying close 

For the new mothers, the focus of the first months were about staying close to their baby.



“Lucas calmed down when he was in the Stokke® MyCarrier. Having him so close helped him to relax. He always ended up asleep!”

Sara, Spain

“I always feel close to my baby using the Stokke® MyCarrier. It’s perfect for building our relationship, in addition to its design and durability.” 

Hana, Korea


There were also some surprises.


“Motherhood was a total shock. I had no idea how overwhelming it would be, but it is wonderful.”

Sarah, United States

Later, during the first year, all of the new mothers spent a lot of time getting out with their babies.

“It was great to enjoy the outdoors together in comfort & style. With the Stokke® MyCarrier I can keep my hands free and see the world through his eyes. The feature I liked best about the Stokke® MyCarrier is how easy it is to adjust. I could wear the carrier, and then my 6 foot 1 inch husband could put it on, and make it fit just as comfortably.” 

Sarah, United States



“With the Stokke® MyCarrier it’s easy to explore. We love flea markets! Even though it’s super busy there, with the Stokke® MyCarrier I have no problems even when it’s crowded.”

Lisa, Germany

“There’s no other carrier on the market that allows adjustment and interaction with your child as the Stokke® MyCarrier does, and I’ve tried many of them with my first daughter. We are going on vacation and, of course, we’ll travel with the Stokke® MyCarrier!”

Sara, Spain


As the babies grew larger, many of the mothers found that they enjoyed back carrying.


“I like using the Stokke® MyCarrier on the back. The weight of my baby is distributed much better and we get to enjoy the same sharing experiences together because of the great view my child has in this position .”

Lisa, Germany

Looking back on past year...


“The Stokke® MyCarrier brings mother and the baby together, which I like very much.”

Hana, Korea

“I have been a mum for several months now and enjoy every single moment. I am curious about what the future holds. Today I know what makes us happy.” 

Lisa, Germany


Sarah from the United Sates sums it up nicely.


“As Landon approaches his first birthday, I look back in amazement at how far we’ve come. My son has unlocked a love that we did not know even existed until he was born. I am so grateful for him, and feel so honored and blessed to be able to call myself his Mother.” 

Sarah, United States

“The Stokke® MyCarrier was the perfect match for us. I often walk as I don’t have a car, and the Stokke® MyCarrier made it easy for me, especially during the rainy days, during which Lucas was protected, warm and close to me. In addition, due to his premature status, he’s a baby that needed a lot of contact, so he was the most happy while he was in the Stokke® MyCarrier.” 

Sara, Spain



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February 2017