Did you know that...

10 Stokke® Steps facts you should know!



... children from around the world played an active role in the research, design process and testing.


... in 2015 the Stokke® Steps™ concept received the most desired and highly ranked international prize for design; the best of the best Red Dot award.




... the bouncing movement imitates the cradling motion of being rocked in mummy’s arms as it also moves back and forth, not just up and down, like most traditional bouncers.


...the bouncer toy hanger is placed specifically so toys can be hung in your baby’s field of vision, allowing your child to be entertained without having to tilt their chin uncomfortably up or down.




... the bouncer folds flat, measuring no more than 11 cm - making it easy to store away or bring along on travels.


... the shape and form of the products were also developed with children in mind. 

First the gentle round and soft bouncer for the newborn, then into a more playful but still protective shape for the toddler and finally a more mature and sophisticated design for the older children.




... the tray is sized perfectly to fit an A4 size paper. It’s the ideal spot for your child to be independent, read, play and be creative.


... the tray slides off very easily, as opposed to the more traditional solution with an up, down click-on mechanism. This way all the mess on the tray can be carried to the sink or trash bin for tidy emptying.




 … the supportive footrest allows for your child to easily climb in and out of the chair by themselves when they are old enough to sit without the baby set. This promotes feelings of independence.


... 12 Steps chairs have been tested in a kindergarten in Aalesund over a long period of time. They also have other chairs out for the children to use during mealtime. 

Time and time again, the children hurry to the table and select the Stokke® Steps chairs first. 

Stokke® Steps is the choice of children.



April 2016