Stokke® Harness

Secure baby harness for the Tripp Trapp high chair

  • With 5-points, our harness secures your baby for extra safety
  • Recommended use with the Baby Set
  • Easy to use, buckles closed with two simple clicks
  • Adjustable straps for a comfortable, secure fit
  • Made of durable nylon, easy to wash and keep clean
  • Provides freedom of movement to eat and play


Colour: Beige
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For added safety, we have developed the Stokke® Harness to be used together with the Baby Set on the Tripp Trapp® chair. Our harness has been carefully designed with five points and is adjustable. This ensures that your child will be comfortable and secure while still able enjoy full freedom of movement. Please remember that since your baby is constantly growing you need to re-adjust the Stokke® Harness on a regular basis. Most important: never leave your child unattended.

  • Features

    • Constructed to offer the child full freedom to move while seated in the chair.
    • For added safety to be used together with the Tripp Trapp® Baby Set on the Tripp Trapp® chair.
  • What's included

    • Stokke® Harness(1)
    • Stokke® Harness Attachment Brackets 2 pcs
    Tripp Trapp® Harness 5-point. Items included.
  • Spare Parts

    • 130300
      Stokke® Harness Attachment Brackets 2 pcs
      Harness Spare part. Attachment bracket, 2 pcs.
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  • Accessories

    • 159305
      Tripp Trapp® Baby Set - White
      Accessories. Baby Set, White.


      Soft Pink
      Aqua Blue
      Storm Grey
      Hazy Grey
      Forest Green
      Moss Green
      Midnight Blue
      Plum Purple
      Serene Pink
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