Create your dream nursery

By: Birgitta Roald


The nursery is a special place in your home: a dedicated space for your baby to dream and play.

It’s exciting to think about how to turn what might currently be a spare room or blank canvas into this haven for your newest family member.


Birgitta Roald has worked as an Interior stylist for 17 years. She lives in Oslo, Norway with her son Leon.

Tips to get you started:



Make a mood board: search for pictures you love to keep your ideas focused.




Room layout: deciding where your baby will sleep is a good starting point.


Select key furniture pieces first: a bed, a clever changing table and general storage possibilities are key.


Lightning: install soft lighting with dimmers. A small accent lamp gives a cosy glow and works well as a nightlight.


Install curtains or blinds for cooling the room during the day and for day time sleep.


Everyone has different styles – let your heart guide you.


Don’t forget practicalities. Pay special attention to your baby’s safety and ensure everything’s convenient for you.


Plan ahead: think long term and leave room to grow for your soon-to-be toddler.





Don’t wait until the last minute! Enjoy the process and make the nursery a truly special room for you and your family.



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May 2016