How to get the athleisure look – it’s perfect for busy new mums!

Get expert advice from Oslo Stylist, Afaf

Athleisure has become a hugely popular look and it’s perfect for busy mums everywhere. The reasons, like the style itself are simple…it’s easy and chic! Did we mention, it’s also really convenient.



You don’t need to do a lot to achieve an athleisure look all on your own. In fact, you probably have everything that you need in your closet already. 

Get started with these essentials:

- Leggings or yoga pants
- Trainers
- A comfy tee or tunic

Simply pair leggings or yoga pants with trainers, a comfy tee or tunic and you have the basics covered. Combining form and function, athleisure is comfortable and stylish enough to wear all day. If you’re active and don’t have a lot of time (what mum does?) but still want to look good and feel great, give it a try.

During the latest photoshoot for our Athleisure collection, we wanted to know more about the look. Who better to ask than Oslo Stylist, Afaf.



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April 2017