At Home with Stokke

By: Jodi Kendall

We waited until delivery day to find out the gender for both of our children. Although each of their nursery spaces turned out quite different, we had the same approach – to choose high-quality, gender-neutral furniture pieces that not only look beautiful, but also grow with the child.


Jodi Kendall is a children's book author and digital strategy consultant for Stokke AS. She lives in the Greater New York City area with her husband Bobby, four-year-old son Townes, and newborn daughter Lennox.



When I was pregnant with my son, we lived in a teeny-tiny New York City apartment (with two dogs!) and space-saving furniture was a high priority. We walked into a baby boutique in Manhattan and encountered Stokke® products for the first time. On the spot, we bought the Stokke® Sleepi convertible crib and matching Stokke® Care Changing Table in Walnut Brown, and we absolutely loved them (you can view his previous toddler room here). My son Townes still uses his Stokke® Sleepi, as it's converted into a Junior Bed. But when I became pregnant years later, we were in a new living situation and there were more options on the market, so we decided to go in a different direction. 
The Stokke® Home concept is the foundation of our daughter Lennox's nursery. At first glance, we loved the inspired design and stunning Scandinavian lines (isn't it adorable how it resembles a house?) but even greater than that, we have always admired what the Stokke® brand is all about – designing products that are best for baby, and creating moments of connection between parent and child. It's the reason we bought into the brand years ago, and why I eventually became a consultant for the company.



While we live in a house at the moment, we'll likely be relocating back into a city apartment within the next few months. With that in mind, we also appreciate that Stokke® Home modular furniture is versatile for different living situations and floor plans. It can be Compact, holding both the Stokke® Home Changer and Stokke® Home Cradle inside the Home Crib, or Expanded, with the Cradle secured in its stand and Changer on top of the Stokke® Home Dresser.

Right now, my daughter Lennox – pictured at just two weeks old in these photos – sleeps in the Stokke® Home Cradle beside our bed at night. It’s lightweight and easy to move around, and has a gentle swaying motion that helps rock her to sleep. I love having her right next to me in her own safe space. During the day, she naps in her Stokke® Home Crib and we play in her cozy nursery, which has become my favorite room in the house.

Stokke has been an important part of our lives for over four years. These products are deeply integrated into our family routine, starting with where our little ones rest their heads, to where they sit at the family table, to how they view the world as we stroll around and explore.



There's a saying that goes something like this: "When you become a parent you experience childhood again, and when you become a grandparent you experience parenthood again." It seems so true at this season of my life. I love this photo, with my mom in the mirror's reflection. I've leaned on her so much since I became a parent four years ago and especially recently with the addition of our daughter. There have been countless times I've called because I needed to borrow her patience, listen to her wisdom, share in our experiences, tell a funny story, understand that it takes a village...incredibly thankful for my mom today & always.

"When you become a parent you experience childhood again, and when you become a grandparent you experience parenthood again."



Photo credit: Jessica Mahady Photography

Lennox's Nursery Room Resource List:

Nursery Furniture: Stokke® Home Crib, Cradle, Changer and Dresser / Diapers & Changing Products: The Honest Company
Diaper Pail: Ubbi / Bouncer: Stokke® Steps Bouncer in Red / Cloud Mobile: Made by Mosey / Closed Eye Paper Bag: Tell Kiddo
Brass Sconces: Schoolhouse Electric / Vintage Moroccan Rug: Kat + Maouche / Swaddling Blankets: aden + anais
Rattan with White Storage Basket: Target


Stokke® Sleepi  Stokke® Home

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July 2016