Stokke® Sleepi Hazy Grey is a hit with real mum’s

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I am attracted to simple and minimal interior design. Stokke® caught my attention because it provided comfort as well as beautiful design. Now, I am adjusting to my new life with my newborn baby. My life is filled with a new kind of happiness that I have never felt before.

What I like the most about the Stokke® Sleepi Mini is its minimalistic design and the mobility provided by the wheels. Swivel wheels mean that my baby will not wake up when I move it around. I can use the crib in the nursery and other rooms in the house. I keep it in the living room during the day, and in the master bedroom at night.



I really like that I can use the crib longer by expanding it as the baby grows. I chose Hazy Grey because it is a modern color that does not go out of style. It is versatile enough to match with various fabrics and accessories.




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What is great about the Stokke® Sleepi are the swivel wheels that make it easy to move around the house. It allows me to keep the crib in the living room when my baby needs me, and move the bed to the masterbedroom when the child falls asleep.



I was attracted to the subtle and modern feel of the Hazy Grey color. Not only can you see the wood structure, the color is also suitable for both baby boys and girls.

I always thought that baby cribs only lasted a short time but since the Stokke® Sleepi concept can be used until the child is 10 years old, it is good value for money. It also works as a centrepiece in our home.



Stokke® Sleepi concept

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January 2017