Our first flagship stores.

Stokke® opens our own flagship stores, furthering our ambition to become the leading global brand of premium products for children.

Stokke® begins a new era by entering the retail domain and opening our first flagship stores in Shanghai and Seoul. Until now, we have sold our products solely through distribution partners in more than 80 countries and from our own web shop.


Flagship store locations

• Shanghai, China.
• Seoul, Korea.
• Moscow, Russia.



Our stores reflect Stokke's heritage and philosophy, offering thoughtful, stylish designs that strengthen the bond between parent and child. The concept is based on our core values which nurture family bonding, with our design philosophy and Norwegian roots being the foremost source of inspiration.



We aim to introduce our Scandinavian lifestyle to consumers with a unique in-store experience. Every element of our flagship stores has been designed to express the essence of the Stokke® brand. Natural materials and colours, inspired by our Norwegian heritage, have been selected to showcase the beauty of Scandinavian nature.

"The store offers a first class brand experience where the products take center stage. The consumer experience is key to Stokke® and we want our flagship stores to be the ultimate brand manifesto offering a superior brand experience and product selection. Combining Scandinavian materials and lifestyle, with leading edge digital solutions Stokke® flagship store will provide a very new experience and closeness to the brand universe. We wish to elevate our brand and the industry by setting high standards for consumer service and experience in our store", says Bård Kvamme, Retail Development Director at Stokke®.

Additional elements such as light fixtures and furniture are also of Scandinavian design. The atmosphere is welcoming, elegant and warm, with copious amounts of light and space to allow the products to shine. Customers are able to test, touch and feel the products, to discover thoughtful details and the unique quality of our products for themselves.



We have produced and distributed Scandinavian quality design for children to families around the world for over 40 years. With our flagship stores, we strive to grow, improve and develop, by building a closer, more personal relationship with our consumers.

"As the world's leading premium baby care brand, we are very proud to now open our first flagship stores in very exclusive locations", says Anton van de Putte, CEO at Stokke®.



Having or expecting a child marks a special time in life, through which Stokke® is committed to helping new families by offering support from skilled staff. We strive make our customers feel welcome and to inspire them.

Flagship store locations

• Shanghai, China.
• Seoul, Korea.
• Moscow, Russia.



The store concept is the result of extensive work across internal teams at Stokke® together 
with creative agency The North Alliance and Retail Agency Reactor.

September 2016