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Stokke® MuTable™ - the multifunctional play table & activities

This is where your little one will want to be! MuTable is a one-stop-shop to play & fuel creativity. Made of high-quality wood with an award-winning design, this modular playroom table offers lots of engaging activities, from play table, games hub, puzzle base, to bricks bases compatible with most well-known bricks and a train station.
MuTable is the design-oriented alternative to your child’s everyday play table, but paired with the flexibility and durability of a table that will last your family for years.

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Stokke™ MuTable™
Play table adapts to the physical and developmental needs of your growing child. With 4 height adjustable positions, it can be comfortably enjoyed by kids of different ages.
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MuTable™ Bundles
Customize your MuTable by choosing the colors, patterns, and accessories you prefer!
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