Made with sustainability in mind

Caring for children means caring for the planet. We're doing our part to help ensure that it remains a beautiful and healthy place for children today and generations to come.

TT Nordic Grey

Dyed using extracts from fallen acorns

The Tripp Trapp® Nordic Grey cushion yarn is dyed using extracts from fallen acorns. With no hazardous chemicals, no wastewater and a low environmental impact, Nordic Grey is dyed using truly eco-smart technology.

Dyed using extracts from fallen acorns

Next-to-skin comfort

The Nordic Grey Cushion collection contains no harmful substances and is super soft against your child’s delicate skin. This makes the cushion naturally kinder to the environment and better for your child.

Next-to-skin comfort

Materials and Certifications

The ultrasonic dyeing process IndiDye™ used to color the yarn of the Nordic Grey cushions eliminates wastewater in the dyeing process, significantly reducing water consumption compared to conventional dyeing. Through lower dyeing temperatures and shorter dyeing times, use of energy and emissions are much lower as well.


Tripp Trapp® Nordic Grey cushion yarn is dyed at IndiDye™ using extracts from acorns

Standard 100 by Oeko-tex®

Stokke® textiles are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, class I approved and certified free from hazardous substances with the latest research and technology governing what’s best for your baby. 

TT NordicGrey img oeko-tex

Recycled filling

Using 60% recycled fiber filling and 40% of virgin polyester, the Nordic Grey Classic and Baby cushions retain their softness and quality. Recycling reduces the need for new virgin materials, when recycled less energy is used compared to producing virgin materials.

TT Nordic Grey Recycled filling

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is special not only for its high quality, but because it is grown without the use of harmful pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals. OCS 100 certificate ensures that it meets strict guidelines. This means that it’s healthier for our air, water and especially your baby. 

TT NordicGrey img organic

With timeless design, the Tripp Trapp® Nordic Grey Cushion collection fits seamlessly into every interior and never goes out of style.


You’re not just buying an iconic design chair, you’re bringing a piece of nature home with you!

Tripp Trapp®  - Made in Europe

We’re proud to offer products that reflect your values and ours, like the Tripp Trapp® chair. Made of responsibly sourced wood together with timeless design, ensures longevity so Tripp Trapp® can last for generations.
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