Good Things Come in Small Packages!

Stokke® Scoot now has more options than ever for newborn comfort.


Newborn comfort on-the-go is really important for the smallest of passengers. Because we want to give you and your family the best option for your busy lifestyle with your small baby, we now make beautiful, functional Carry Cots as well as a cozy, functional Newborn Insert for Stokke® Scoot.



The Stokke® Scoot Carry Cot is compact for you to transport, yet spacious for your newborn to enjoy a soft, smooth ride. Protective and practical, it gives your infant, a comfortable place to rest and sleep during all of your city outings.



Like the Stokke® Scoot stroller, it has a small footprint taking up very little room in tight urban spaces like cafés and restaurants. It’s petite proportions make it a natural fit for small cars and ideal for travel. 

Features include a soft mattress with removable cover, extra padding at the top to protect your baby’s head and plenty of extra ventilation for optimal airflow.



Additionally, the Carry Cot comes with hidden handles, making it easy to carry once it has been detached from the chassis. Space saving functionality also allows it to be packed flat when needed and easily put up again when ready for use. Canopy is sold separately.


The Stokke® Scoot Newborn Insert is a functional accessory that adds extra comfort for infants and toddlers alike. Made with soft terrycloth, it is simple and stylish to use.




Removable support at the top and bottom give extra comfort to your newborn's head and feet during all of your city strolls. 

Later, as your baby grows larger and this support is no longer needed, it can be easily removed. The Newborn insert can then be used as a cushioning inlay for toddlers on the go. 

It is easy to attach and detach for easy cleaning and a great way to keep baby dry during humid weather. Best of all, the Newborn Insert can be used for a long time from  newborn right through toddlerhood.

The Newborn Insert is available in two charming color options: Confetti Blue & Confetti Yellow.




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January 2017