Introducing naturally beautiful new colors

Tripp Trapp® 2017 Colour Collection

You may have heard that getting back to nature is trending strong in 2017 as a new generation of parents seek balance in their lives and homes.

In the face of our increasingly busy and hectic schedules, interior design and lifestyle are reflective of a growing desire for simplistic living, drawing on natural materials and lush plant palettes that bring as many earthy elements of the outdoors in. It's all about feeling a sense of harmony and oneness with our surroundings.

For us, it's not a trend, it's a way of life. Snow-capped mountains, deep blue fjords, mossy green forests and meadows blanketed in botanicals fill our senses and fuel our imagination.


Tripp Trapp® embodies the quintessence of nature.

Made of durable European beech wood harvested from self regenerating forests, not only does it look good, it has longevity and can be used for years. With timeless design, paired with calming colors, Tripp Trapp® lets you bring the beauty and richness of Scandinavian nature inside with the 2017 Color Collection.

The chair that grows
with the child.

The Tripp Trapp® is designed to fit right up to your dining table, bringing your baby into the heart of your family, allowing him or her to learn and develop alongside you.

Available in a variety of colours and accessories. Mix and match to suit your style!


Introducing three new chair colours with Baby Sets to match:



Scandinavian hill sides are laden with this warm and energetic color. A stand out hue in a neutral setting, new Heather Pink is also a unique addition to statement palettes.




A major player in fashion's green megatrend, Forest green is modern and bold. Crisp and leafy, it captures the essence of the woods while bringing elegance and excitement to the most stylish of spaces.




This down to earth color is emerging as a must-have for interiors. Fresh, delicate and balanced, this soft pastel is organic and versatile with enough personality to bring any interior to life.


To complete the look, we've also designed four new cushions in botanical colors and patterns to add softness to your chair: Forest Green, Grey Leaf, Pink Stripes and Aqua Stripes:






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April 2017