My son and me

By: Nick Bilmes.

Article first published in Stokke Collection Catalogue 2015.

We modern dads are supposed to be well equipped for fatherhood. Increasingly skillful with a packet of wet wipes. Being able to tell the difference between your baby's cries for food or another wet nappy. Well let me tell you, it doesn't come naturally, at least not for this dad. It comes by getting to know your baby.




Nick Bilmes has worked as a creative professional in the fields of broadcasting, fashion, magazines, design and advertising for the past 15 years. He lives in Oslo, Norway with his son Isak and Isak's Mum, Katrine.


Sure it's nice being able to share the whole experience with your partner. Feeling those first few kicks, getting involved with prenatal activities and of course doing your bit at the birth, however inadequate or guilty that makes you feel. But let's face it guys, the first bit's all about mum and baby, and that's how it should be.



What awaits though is something altogether different. So what exactly is bonding all about? For Isak and me it’s about sharing those things that make me who I am. Doing the things I love together with him. Moments where just he and I are taking part, where I call the shots and he follows my lead. It’s about creating a language between the two of us, whether through smiles, giggles or his first few words. And yes, dads giggle too.

A recipe for happiness

From the moment we arrived home together, Isak became a permanent member of my kitchen staff. I love to cook and do so at least once a day. I like to think it's my fault that Isak refuses to eat any type of ready-made food. He just won't touch it.



"For Isak and me it's about sharing those things that make me who I am."




What I am sure of, is that his love for food and flavours has grown because he’s been strapped to my tummy by the chopping board. His first word apart from the standard repertoire was “cheese”, followed by “apple”, “pear” and “pepper”, perhaps the beginnings of a winning recipe.

Our other love, is dancing to 70's disco. The harmony of our voices can often be heard throughout the neighbourhood on a Sunday afternoon while lunch is bubbling away. Our bodies move as one, a shake of the hips and a pivot on the toes. Another pinch of nutmeg and a splash of Boney M. Probably a good thing that good bonding shouldn't have an audience.




A year and a half into fatherhood, I know my son and he knows me and tomorrow we'll know each other even better.



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June 2016