For Everyday Adventures

Stokke® Trailz


As a family with a newborn baby, every experience is new, not only for your child, that sees everything for the first time, but for moms and dads too. Everywhere you go is like a new place. Walking on the beach, taking a hike through the woods or just making a quick trip to the local grocery store – becomes an everyday adventure!



Stokke® Trailz is tailored for all your adventures, with a comfortable Carry cot, rotating handle, generous storage and flexible seat positioning, making it easier for you and your child to get around.



New wheel options

Now, new wheel options make it easier than ever to customize Stokke® Trailz for all of your needs. Choose from Classic or Terrain wheels, each with it's own look and functionality.

Classic wheels are smaller, lighter and come with white rims. Made of puncture free materials, these wheels give your stroller a sophisticated look and soft suspension for your everyday adventures in the city or park.



Terrain wheels are larger and air filled with sleek black rims. Not only do these wheels give your stroller a rugged look, they have been designed to handle rougher terrain for parents who enjoy off road trails and spending time outside enjoying nature.

As flexible as it is stylish, Stokke® Trailz is equally suited for the countryside as it is out on the town. Choose the wheels that are right for you to enjoy your everyday adventures no matter where they take you.




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October 2016