On Earth Day & Everyday …

Give Mother Nature a little extra love


Of all the things we have to celebrate, Mother Nature might just be the most amazing of them all. Through food and water, she provides our livelihood. Earth Day is the perfect day to give Mother Nature a little extra love, and as a new mom, I’ve never felt so passionate about doing so.

By: Erin Ireland


How can we help our beautiful planet thrive, so we can continue to, as well? How can my family be kinder to her today and every day?

One way to show a little love for our planet is by taking shorter showers, turning off lights and recycling juice bottles. And yes, all these little steps add up, but for those looking to show a deeper love for our planet, perhaps consider even more meaningful, impactful action.


For us, eating more plants is the way we try to reduce our family’s impact on the planet. It’s widely accepted that plants have a much lower environmental footprint than animal-based foods. To put this into perspective, one of my favourite environmental documentaries, Cowspiracy, shares the interesting fact that 2500 gallons of water are required to produce just a single pound of beef. That’s equivalent to about two months worth of showers. I’d rather skip a burger than give up my showers.


But here’s the thing... you don’t need to go vegan overnight to show Mother Nature you love her. If you’re focused on reducing your meat consumption, you’re already making a difference. What if we ordered a juicy veggie burger instead of a beef burger every now and then, or replaced our daily latte with a creamy nut milk latte instead?

Imagine if we ALL kept our Mondays meatless?


These little changes in our daily lives may seem small, but they add up. And when you add them up, you get something big - a collective of conscious consumers making decisions with positive consequences on our planet.

Fifty years from now, Mother Nature will thank us!


I thought I was passionate before, but since giving birth to my baby girl Roen, my dedication to mother nature has only intensified.

I feel more driven than ever to spotlight the beauty in plant-based foods, to make this way of eating more accessible, and to try and do just a little bit more to leave our planet healthy for little Roen and the entire next generation.






April 2017