New house, new baby

Tripp Trapp®

Mari Ruus (30) and Tom Rainer Thuv (34) are first time parents living in a townhouse in Oslo. Their daughter Astrid was born in june last year. The Tripp Trapp® has been invaluable when the couple needs to do daily chores as cooking dinner, with Astrid sitting in the Newborn Set watching her parents. 

- It felt natural having a baby at this time in our lives. We have been together for eight years, and bought this house to have more space, so a baby has been on our mind for a while now, Mari says. 

Mari works as a deputy editor for a Norwegian fashion magazine, while Tom Rainer is an art director in an advertising agency. They are both from Bodø, a city in the northern part of Norway, but have been living in Oslo for most of their adult life.



We eat breakfast together at the table, and it is such a lovely moment to share with her.


Minimalistic interior style 

They renovated and redecorated the house, while Mari was pregnant, and has done most of the work themselves, calling the house a little oasis in the big city. 

- It took a year renovating, and a big part of it happened during Mari’s pregnancy at the same as we got a new puppy, Tom Rainer says while petting their cute French bulldog named Frøken.

Tom Rainier is the mastermind behind the townhouse’s solutions, and did a lot of the work himself. The interior was mostly Mari’s responsibility. 

- We like quite simple, minimalistic and classic interior. I love the marble table that we made ourselves, and of course the classic Oslo lamp from Northern Lighting, Mari explains.

The Tripp Trapp® is a design icon that you can have for years.


A symbol of childhood 

The Tripp Trapp® has found its natural place in the dining area, and the couple chose the black color to go along with the interior, which for the most parts is monochrome with lots of green plants as a contrast.

- Both of us had a Tripp Trapp® growing up. I remember it still standing by the dining table, long after my sister and I were too big for it. It was difficult for mom to give it away, as it really was a symbol of our childhood, Mari says while reminiscing.


When I make dinner, Astrid sits in the Tripp Trapp® watching me.

It is lovely being able to interact with her all the time.



Tripp Trapp® - a much needed aid 

It is a combination of different aspects that made it an easy choice to add a Tripp Trapp® to their home after Astrid was born. 

- The practicality and design is the best thing with the Tripp Trapp®. She sits in the Newborn Set when we make dinner, and sits together with us interacting around the dinner table on the same height level, instead of being on the floor. 

It works as a much needed aid when we need our hands free. I don't think I would be able to make my own breakfast if I didn’t have it, says Mari and smiles.

It is overwhelming becoming a mother, and it was a bit of a shock at first.

 It really is a fulltime job times a hundred!


*Tripp Trapp Newborn Set not available for purchase in USA

March 2016