Stokke ® Xplory® Balance

Be present and get closer

  • Raises your baby higher so you can share closer moments in the busy everyday.
  • Ergonomic seat with soft, breathable inlay that supports but allows freedom of movement.
  • Incredibly narrow & manoeuvrable with swivel wheels & effortless one-handed steering.
  • Includes chic, cocooning sunshade, luxury inlay & changing bag; all with premium detailing.
  • Can be used from newborn with the Limited Edition Balance carrycot.


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Black Chassis - Black Handle
Black Chassis - Brown Handle
Silver Chassis - Black Handle
Silver Chassis with Brown Handle


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One of the world’s most iconic stroller’s now comes in a premium limited edition to help bring more moments of serenity, calmness and closeness for you and your baby in the busyness of day-to-day life. The stylish, cocooning sunshade and breathable inlay create a bubble of calm that's a delight to all the senses. A matching changing bag keeps all of baby´s things neatly organized for stress-free outings. An optional carry cot and cosy footmuff are also available to add to the experience for you and baby. Main textiles are made from recycled materials and are PFC-free water repellent, making your stroller more harmonious with the environment no matter what it throws at you.

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Height Adjustable To Bring Your Baby Closer To You


Accessorise your Stokke® Xplory®

Carry Cot

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Cup holder

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Sibling board

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Foot muff

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Snack tray

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Reversible inlay

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Car seat adapter

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Rain cover

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Changing bag

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Stokke ® Xplory® Balance in social

  • Features

    • The Stokke® Xplory® Balance bundle at a glance
    • Soft, breathable inlay for ultimate comfort and to keep your baby cool in warmer weather
    • Easy to attach sunshade which offers UPF 50+ sun protection and ventilation
    • The sunshade creates an isolated cocoon but with the ability to see the baby when open
    • Premium stitching with logo on the leather seat rail
    • Limited edition label included on the seat
    • Available in Tranquil Blue and Soothing Pink
    • Matching, stylish changing bag that sits perfectly on the Stokke® Xplory® stroller
    • Main textiles are made from premium, PFC free, water repellent materials
    • Made from recyclables - each set uses 20 plastic bottles
    • More Stokke® Xplory® Balance options
    • Matching carry cot for newborns made from the same premium quality materials
    • Warm, luxury footmuff for extra coziness and maximum comfort in cool weather
    • The stylish changing bag and sunshade can also be purchased as accessories for your regular Stokke® Xplory®
  • What's included

    • Stokke ® Xplory® Chassis
    • Stokke ® Xplory® seat
    • Stokke ® Xplory® Sun Shade
    • Stokke ® Xplory® Balance Inlay
    • Stokke ® Xplory® Changing Bag


  • 490300
    Stokke® Stroller Terry cloth cover
    Stokke® Stroller Terry Cloth Cover. Detail.
  • 457102
    Stokke® Changing Bag - Purple
    Stokke® Stroller Changing Bag, Purple


    Black Melange
    Beige Melange
    Deep Blue
    Grey Melange
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  • 191400
    Stokke® PramPack™
    Travelbag for most strollers.
  • 177500
    Stokke® Sheepskin Lining
    Sheep Skin Lining.
  • 177400
    Stokke® Sleeping Bag Fleece
    Fleece Sleepingbag
  • 177311
    Stokke® Foot Muff - Black Melange
    Footmuff, Black Melange.


    Dark Navy
    Black Melange
    Beige Melange
    Urban Blue
    Deep Blue
    Grey Melange
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  • 529201
    Stokke® Stroller Snack Tray - Black
    Stokke® Stroller Snack Tray.
  • 509701
    Stokke® Stroller Seat - Grey Melange
    Stokke® Stroller Seat Grey Melange, Grey Melange, mainview


    Black Melange
    Deep Blue
    Grey Melange
    Brushed Grey
    Brushed Lilac
    Lotus Pink
    Athleisure Pink
    Athleisure Green
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  • 503401
    Stokke® Pram Storm Cover - Grey Melange
    Stokke® Stroller Storm Cover Grey Melange.
  • 503200
    Stokke® Stroller Rain Cover
    Stokke® Xplory® Black Chassis. Stokke® Stroller Rain cover.
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    Hard parts
    The stroller should be cleaned using a mild mixture of water with soap. Make sure that any sand/mud/grit is removed prior to cleaning.
    All technical solutions are hidden in the chassis making it easy to clean and maintain.
    If any function of the stroller is not working properly, contact your nearest Stokke® retailer.