Stokke® Stroller Accessories

We added the buttons back again for practicality so that parents do not lose the blanket easily.

With the updated size, it is not possible to cover the front opening of the stroller even when attached to the stroller with the buttons. Therefore, we have introduced the buttons back for better attachment to the stroller and parents will not need to worry that they will lose the blanket when strolling outside.

We have changed the size of the stroller blankets from 100*77 cm/ 40*30 inches to 90*70cm/35*28 inches so that it fits the stroller better.

It covers the baby well when the baby is seated in the seat or in the carry cot while its size is not too big that it hangs down from the strollers.

All Stokke® strollers, i.e. Xplory®, Crusi and Scoot, come with their own rain covers. The seat rain covers for all three strollers can also be used for the Stokke® iZiSleep and iZi Go™ car seats.