Stokke® Xplory® X

Unique design bringing you & your baby closer

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  • A luxury ride for use up to 22kg​
  • Protective reclining stroller seat for baby’s comfort​
  • Tested and trusted for safety & quality
  • Secure infant car seat & carry cot for Newborn​ (available separately)
  • Main textiles made from 100% recycled PET bottles

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Unique design bringing you & your baby closer

Stokke® Xplory® X is the perfect choice for conscious parents who want the best for their baby without compromising on safety, quality, or style. Premium from top to bottom, Stokke® Xplory® X brings your baby closer for the connection they need to feel safe & loved. The protective seat with active, rest & sleep positions gives your child ultimate comfort every step of the way. Innovative Scandinavian design makes Stokke® Xplory® X effortless to maneuver and handle. Carry cot or car seat accessories make it ideal for use from newborn. Best of all, main textiles are made from 100% recycled PET bottles.


  • Complete stroller with high seat to keep your baby close - closeness & connection with their parents gives babies a sense of security​
  • Three seat recline angles for all-day comfort: sleep, rest, active; reversible seat with parent- and forward-facing positions​
  • Grows with your child from newborn to toddler, up to a weight limit of 22kg / 45lbs​
  • Adjustable footrest in three positions for comfort at each age. Leg rest to support tiny feet & growing legs​
  • Supports freedom of movement for the shoulders and arms​
  • Extended canopy with visor for shade & protection​
  • Extra quiet canopy folding doesn't disturb your baby's sleep​
  • Canopy mesh opening for air flow; also functions as a window to keep an eye on your baby​
  • Removable padded seat inlay for a custom fit; made in a soft, knitted, quick-dry material
  • Extra seat padding to support your newborn baby​



  • Tested for safety internally and with external institutions​
  • Hard shell bucket seat for increased safety and a snug fit​
  • Supportive padding around head and hips​
  • 5-point padded harness for a secure ride​
  • Removable hinged seat rail for quick access to your baby​
  • 360° reflective zipper to always be seen​
  • One-push brake system for quick response​



  • Height-adjustable seat can be set at various table heights so baby can join the family at cafés and restaurants​
  • High seat helps avoid bending, making it easier on your back when interacting with your baby​
  • Adjustable handle by height and angle to accommodate parents of all heights​
  • Easy, one-step foldable stroller chassis​
  • Practical to store and carry with stackable two-piece folding​
  • Compact stroller size when folded to fit into the trunk of your car​
  • Roomy, detachable shopping bag with carrying handle​

  • Effortless to maneuver with one hand with 360° swivel wheels​
  • Lockable swivel front wheels make it easy to maneuver the stroller in tight spaces​
  • Removable wheels for easy cleaning​
  • Puncture-free wheels require no maintenance​
  • Open design with space between the back wheels makes it easy for parents to walk​

  • Timeless & high-end design with form that follows function​
  • Innovative Scandinavian engineering​
  • Extra soft premium fabrics with UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Main textiles made from 100% recycled PET bottles
  • Water-repellent with BIONIC FINISH® ECO - based on a fluorine-free recipe (PFC-free)
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • 3-year warranty
Good things happen when we explore together
Stokke was the first to introduce the concept of high parent-facing strollers to bring your baby closer for connection and give them a sense of security. Every time our little ones connect with us, they learn, grow and become more confident. Together isn’t just better - it’s the best!
Our priority

Safety first

What makes Stokke® Xplory® X so iconic?
Higher is better
In 2003 Stokke was the first to introduce the concept of high, parent-facing strollers to bring your baby closer for connection. Eye contact fosters closeness and feelings of emotional security during the early months. Face-to-face interaction encourages babies to communicate and engage, long before they are able to talk.
Higher is better
Grows with the child
The pioneering seat height, and adjustability offer young babies a view of their parents. Softly padded inlays and an adjustable footrest allow for tailored comfort at all ages. Later, when your little one is more curious, the seat can be switched to the forward-facing position, so that your baby sees more of the world around them.
Grows with the child
Recycled fabrics
Stokke® Xplory® X is designed with utmost care to craft a long-lasting, high-quality product. Each stroller in this collection is manufactured using materials composed of 100% recycled PET bottles across its main fabric. The same fabric is used as the outer material for the carry cot, shopping bag and changing bag.
Recycled fabrics
Seamless transitions

Part of a complete travel system

With our infant car seat, newborn carry cot, and adjustable seat, you’ll have everything you need for on-the-go comfort.
Stokke® Xplory® X

Good things happen when we explore together

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  • Stokke Extended Warranty

Product Size (cm/in): 101 x 56 x 131 / 39.8 x 22 x 51.6 Weight (kg/lbs): 13.4 / 29.5 Suitable for age: to 48 (months) Suitable for Weight (kg/lbs): up to 22 / 48.5 Extended Warranty: 3 (years)

  • this item is included Stokke® Stroller Seat Baby Insert
  • this item is included Stokke® Xplory® Shopping Bag
  • this item is included Stokke® Stroller Canopy
  • this item is included Stokke® Stroller Harness Protector
  • this item is included Stokke® Stroller leatherette hinged rail for seat
  • this item is included Stokke® Stroller Visor for Canopy
  • this item is included Stokke® Xplory® Black Chassis with leatherette handle
  • this item is included Stokke® Stroller Seat
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  • Must be washed separately!
  • When washing the baby insert, remove the inside cushion before washing.
  • Canopy can only be hand washed separately.
  • Seat lining, back cover and harness protectors can be machine washed at 40°C/ 104°F.
  • Leatherette, harness, shopping bag and diaper bag can only be wiped with a clean damp cloth. Be sure to remove excess water.
  • See the user guide for further instructions.

    Hard parts

  • The stroller should be cleaned using a mild mixture of water with soap. Make sure that any sand/mud/grit is removed prior to cleaning.
  • All technical solutions are hidden in the chassis making it easy to clean and maintain.
  • If any function of the stroller is not working properly, please contact your nearest Stokke® retailer.
  • Compliance Standard
    This product is suitable for children from 6 months to 22 kg or 4 years whichever comes first with a Stokke® Stroller Seat.
    This product is not suitable for running or skating.

    Assembly Instructions
    • Is the textile from Xplory® X water repellent?

      Yes, the textiles from the stroller is water repellant.

    • Where can I find the user guide for the Xplory® X chassis, seat or carry cot?

      The user guide is delivered with every Xplory® X chassis, seat and carry cot. However, you can also find the most recent version on our website on the different product pages. Feel free to reach out to our customer service team if you need a user guide from an older model.

    • Up to what size/age can my child use the Stokke® Xplory® X?

      The Stokke® Xplory® X is suitable for children from 0 months to 9kg while using the Stokke® Xplory® X Carry Cot and suitable for children from 6 months to 4 years old or 22 kg whichever comes first while using the seat.

    • Where can I find the serial number on the Xplory® X?

      The serial number can be found underneath the chassis between the 2 front wheels.

    • How do I wash the textiles of the Xplory® X seat and carry cot?

      Please follow the disassemble and washing instructions from the user guide and maintain the stroller on a regular basis with regular cleanings. Prior to cleaning, make sure your remove excess sand, grid, or mud. In the user guide you can find what parts are machine washable, hand washable and what parts must be wiped with a damp cloth. Use a mixture of water and mild soap.

    • How can I transfer the Canopy from the Xplory® X Seat to Carry cot?

      Please follow the instructions from the user guide. Fully open the attachment zipper. Use a key, screwdriver, or something alike to push down the pin from the inside of the hood mount bracket to release the canopy from the seat. Do this on both sides. Place the hood mount brackets including the canopy on the carry cot. You know it is placed right when you hear it click. Close the zipper and fold back the textile.

    • Does the canopy offer UPF protection?

      The canopy of the Xplory® X offers 50+ UPF protection.

    • Is the Xplory® X carry cot suitable for overnight sleeping?

      No, the carry cot is not suitable for overnight sleeping because of European safety standards. The mattress is safe for sleeping as long as there is supervision.

    • Can the carry cot be used in my car?

      No, in some countries it might be common to use a carry cot in the car, however the Xplory® X carry cot is not designed for this purpose. For the safety of your child, we advise to use an approved and certified car seat instead.

    • Can I buy spare parts for the Xplory® X?

      There are various Xplory® X parts that can be replaced. For an overview of the replaceable items and prices, please have a look on the Xplory® X product page. If the item you are looking for is not visible on the website, or you are in doubt on what exact item you need, please contact our customer service team for advice.

    • Can the Xplory® X shopping bag be purchased as a spare part?

      Yes, the shopping bag is available as a spare part. The Xplory® X shopping bag can be attached to Xplory® V3 onwards.


    • Can the seat rail of the Xplory® X be purchased as a spare part?

      Yes, the seat rail is available as a spare part. The seat rail is only compatible with the Xplory® X and V6. Please be aware that the brown V6 leatherette is slightly darker then the Xplory® X.

    • Which car seats can be placed on the Xplory® X chassis?

      All Stokke by BeSafe and Stokke by Nuna car seats can be used without adapters on the Xplory® X. In addition, we have a multi adapter that provides a safe, easy-to-use connection between a car seat and the Xplory® X chassis. Please find the full up-to-date compatibility list on the product page of the car seat adapter. All car seats on this list have been tested and are certified for use.

    • Are all Stokke® Xplory® Seats and carry cots compatible with all frames regardless of model and country version?

      All Stokke® Xplory® seats and carry cots are compatible with all Xplory® frames from version V3 onwards, regardless of the country version or model. However, keep in mind that through the years visual changes have been made and there might be colour deviations in the plastics, leatherettes, and textiles.

    • Does the parasol fit on the Xplory® X?

      No, due to the redesign of the Xplory® X seat and carry cot, the parasol is no longer compatible with neither the seat nor carry cot of the Xplory® X.

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