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September 14

Good things happen when we sit together!

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Since 1972 we’ve brought parents and children together, and we still do to this day. In our campaign we want to encourage moments of closeness and connection between parents and children around the table.

When we sit together, good things happen. When we sit together, we connect,  and when we connect, we create the space for our little ones to learn, grow and develop with us.
There’s more to sitting than you’d think.
A lot happens around the table, from mealtimes, to playtime, to social interactions. These are all opportunities for families to come together, share stories, and connect with one another. This is why inviting children to be part of the table from a young age helps them grow and develop. By creating an eye-to-eye connection, our high chairs offer children not only the freedom to move, but also to experiment and participate. It includes them in conversations, both the gibberish kind and those that make sense. It helps children develop skills that are essential to build meaningful relationships and confidence throughout their lives.
Serve and return – some of the fundamental building blocks of a child's development! Every interaction we have with our little ones is an opportunity to nourish their growing minds and help them thrive. You wave your arms, they wave their arms. Not only does it encourage imagination and self-expression, but it also helps develop fine and gross motor skills. So, crank up the music and watch your child's confidence grow as they move freely and rock out with their imaginary instruments. Who knows, you might just have a future rock star on your hands!
Looking into the eyes of a child can be one of the most powerful connections we ever make. Not only does it deepen the bond between parent and child, but it also plays a crucial role in their development. Studies show that eye contact helps children build trust, improve communication skills, and develop social-emotional intelligence. So, take a moment to lock eyes with your little one today and watch as they light up with joy and curiosity.
Time spent together is time well spent! Quality time is crucial for your child's development. Research shows that spending time with loved ones can increase a child's self-esteem, enhance social skills, and strengthen family bonds. Simply spending time together is a great way to connect and relax. There’s always space for you to play and interact, let’s fly together from the living room to the kitchen. Give them a flying start in life and watch them soar!
Learn and play
Allowing your child to try new things can be one of the greatest gifts you give them. Whether it's pouring the juice or trying a new hobby, taking matters into their own hands helps children build confidence, resilience, and problem-solving skills. It's important to remember that mistakes and failures are just opportunities for growth and learning. So, encourage your child to try new things, and embrace the journey.
Our high chairs at a glance!
Our high chairs are all designed with the utmost care and attention to details, providing parents with peace of mind that their little ones are sitting comfortably and are included during meal, play and learn times. To meet the varying needs of parents and children we offer a full portfolio of four different high chairs. Each one has a unique set of features and benefits, but they all share one common goal: to provide a safe seat at the table. At Stokke we believe that good things happen when we sit together, which is why all of our chairs ensure a seat at the table for babies and children of all ages.
Tripp Trapp® - The chair that grows with the child™
The iconic Tripp Trapp® chair, created by Peter Opsvik in 1972, has a timeless design made primarily of European beech and oak woods. It has a depth and height adjustable seat and footplate. These ergonomic features give children a comfortable and positive sitting experience, right from the start – from newborn to adult.
Stokke® Nomi® - The chair that inspires active sitting
Stokke® Nomi® has been created by Peter Opsvik, the designer of the iconic Tripp Trapp®. The Stokke® Nomi® chair has an organic and playful design that promotes physical and social development. The chair has tool-free adjustability, and because of its light weight it's easy to use throughout your home or hang on your table edge for clean-up after meals.
Stokke® Steps™ - All your family needs, every step of the way
Stokke® Steps™ is a premium all-in-one seating solution, that grows with your child from birth to teenage years. It has a comfortable bouncer that attaches to the chair, allowing parents to keep their little ones close. As your child grows, the bouncer can be removed and the high chair can be adjusted to fit their needs.
Stokke® Clikk™ - Easy to use, just click & go
Stokke® Clikk™ is a compact and easy-to-use high chair that requires no tools and hardly any assembly. With its one-handed, click-in system, parents can quickly and easily set up the chair and have their little one seated in seconds. It's lightweight and portable, making it the perfect solution for families on the go.