CEO of Stokke since 2019 
January 2021
Jacob Kragh, Chief Executive Officer
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CEO of Stokke since 2019, Jacob Kragh has an impressive commercial background and extensive experience with premium brands. In his current role, he is setting a new trajectory for Stokke and implementing an innovative strategy for the company to strengthen its position and become a truly global brand.

Under Jabob’s leadership, Stokke is on track to grow and double in size by 2025. The growth approach has been underpinned by the acquisitions of BABYZEN, MUKAKO and LIMAS. In May of 2022, Stokke announced their recent acquisition of EVOMOVE, the company behind the renowned Nomi chair, entering the Stokke family.

Our strategy is all about delivering a premium consumer experience, be that through our own product or by acquiring companies that offer complementary products,” says Kragh. “The Stokke family of products all adhere to our core values of sustainability, design, and child development and matches the expectations of consumers across age groups and international borders.”
Commitment to Child Development
It is Jacob’s passion for supporting the development of children that “gets him out of bed in the morning” and was a primary motivation for joining Stokke. “I am driven by the fact that I have an opportunity, as I did during the first 20 years of my career, to actually make a positive difference with parents and their children and to help families get something meaningful from their products,” he says.

This impassioned commitment was a key factor behind Stokke’s appointment, – not only did it fit with the company’s brand values, but it is also a passion Jacob has translated to the bottom line. He was President of Lego Education between 2010-15 and during this period, helped steer Lego’s education business from a decade of no growth and breaking even, to a strong five-year high-growth trajectory coupled with high profitability.    

Jacob also built a team at Lego to implement innovation and a digitalization strategy – two areas that Stokke is looking to bolster as it sets it sights on doubling its €200 million size in the next three to four years. There are already signs the strategy is working, with the company delivering record results in 2020 with pre-tax profits rising 75 per cent.
Staying Relevant
He believes the key to being a relevant brand in the long run is innovation and he wants the company to develop new ideas on how it can engage parents, to make sure they understand more about what is needed to develop a child in those very critical early days, weeks, and months of their lives.

We need to make sure we are leveraging digital insights and data much more effectively; generating the right kind of innovation; making sure that we’re doing the right kind of marketing to engage consumers. They are going to be critical enablers of success in the future, much more so than they have been in the up until this point.” says Jacob

Jacob on...

Company Culture

“We were born out of a tradition where the company culture is also about an informal, low sense of hierarchy. The best idea can come from anybody in the company.”


“Be extremely clear about your company’s identity. Understand what its real purpose in this world. If you lose this focus, a company can lose its way.”

ESG and Sustainability

“We have a unique opportunity and an obligation with social sustainability. We need to ensure that childhood development continues to be something that consumers and policymakers take seriously because early childhood development is the most critical path in a child’s life to set them up for success in the future.”

The Digitalization Challenge 

“We just need to ensure that we’re constantly at the forefront of how we best engage the shoppers, whether that’s on platforms like Instagram, third party platforms or whether it’s standard brick and mortar retailers and their platforms.”.

Career snapshot

  • CEO, 2019 - present. 
  • SVP, General Manager (China) 2015 - 2018 
  • President, Lego Education 2010 - 2015 
  • Senior Marketing Director 2005 –2010 
  • Various roles 1997 –2005 

Education & Personal Life

Jacob holds an MS degree in Business Administration and has studied at the University of Arhus, Denmark as well as at Universitá degli Studi in Bologna, Italy. He has studied  and worked in his native Denmark, China, the US, Italy, and Switzerland. A self-professed “sports geek”, he lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with his wife and two children.